SPOOKY (Atlanta Rhythm Section)

Hey Dave,
Nice one… all sounds good in the mix! Liked your lead work and vox… good stuff all around.

Keep it up as best you can,

@Helen0609 Thank you, Andrea, for taking a listen and for the feedback. Glad you liked the sound and mixing.

@DarrellW Hi, Darrell. Glad you liked this one. Vibe like Santana (almost)? I wish I could sound like him. Well, Santana did play a PRS. :grin:

@jkahn @markr31 Thanks, JK. I appreciate the listen and comments.
Markr31 was right, it’s Atlanta not Atlantic. I think that blunder came about as a result of a condition that I have, called A-G-E. :confounded: Glad you liked the production. Air. Yeah, I have that button on my Focusrite but I’ve never used it. The Drawmer is a compressor used mainly, I think, for mastering. The only time I use it is on guitar tracks with distortion/gain that I want to smooth the rough edges. Air, in places, is described as adding sparkle, but I find it kind of smooths out the distortion and gives me a sound that I prefer.
Here’s a link to it in case you want to check it out. Drawmer S73 | Softube

@SILVIA Thanks, Silvia for taking this for a spin and for the nice feedback.
I’ve been with JG since I started and am a true believer that it’s paying dividends. Just listen to the progress of those who have stuck with the program and have put their time in. I really enjoy listening to the progress of many here in the community who are sticking with it and working their way through this journey. And I’ve learned a lot by just listening to the more advanced players that post here.

@LBro Thanks, LB. I wish I could have done the solo that was on the original but my pinch harmonics have a long way to go. If I ever get them down solid, I might revist this one. One day at a time at this point.


That was terrific Dave. I also caught the Santana vibe. Well done, your usual super high standard of playing and production.

Dave that was really great! Love the groove in this one, tones were awesome - really great song you have introduced to many of us here! :wink:

Gordon and Adi, Apologies for the late acknowledgement for your feedback. It’s been a tough week.

Gordon, You and Darrell may get looking for a simple Santana, if there is one. Glad you liked the play and production. Thanks.

Adi, Super that you liked the groove and tones. I appreciate the comments.

Hi Dave, another very enjoyable inspirational cover. Not a song that I am familiar with but one that I very much enjoyed. As always the guitar playing and vocals were top notch. Your recording are inspiring me to explore learning all rhythm and lead parts of some songs particularly songs that have never been on my radar that I could learn a lot from them and that look fun to play.