SPOOKY (Atlanta Rhythm Section)

A loose cover (lots of fudge) based on ARS’s live version of this song.
PRS (L) > chorus
PRS (R) > delay
Bass - PRS > octave drop
Solo > PRS > gain > distortion > air > more air (Drawmer Plug-in)
Drums played on keyboard through Steven Slate drum kit (free version)
The rhythm guitar in this is relatively easy but that’s what initially drew me to this one, and it’s just a fun song to play. Hope you enjoy.

Feedback always welcomed.


Always know I’m in for something good when you post an AVOYP Dave. Really awesome stuff, love the mix.

Wow Wow Wow. This song by Classic IV as well as Stormy, are two songs in my younger years that remind me so much of my very beginnings into my awareness and appreciation of music. Stormy was one of my very first 45s I bought as a kid. Not sure but Spooky might have been the B side. Two classics.

Great great job with this from all perspectives! Love the video, you look good.

Oldhead’s ‘loose’ is ‘tight as a tourniquet’ in my boudoir, baby :wink:
This style of song suits your voice and playing style so well, good fellow. I can’t remember wether I mentioned it before but it gives me the same cool, laid back vibes as your covers of Evil ways and Love Potion #9.
I think it’s your delivery, although I might be drawn to the darkness… :sunglasses:
Take me now, sweet Morpheus!

What a sweet treat that was for a Friday afternoon. Always love listening to your stuff and how you sync it all to the video. Great playing and your tone in the vocals is just so right. Great job Dave. :clap: :clap:

Great to see you back with another production, Dave.

What more can I say that I haven’t said before. You are just awe inspiring.

Keep rocking and rolling

Stunning, stunning production Dave, not that I’d be expecting anything less to be fair!! The solo was sweeet!!
You can’t beat a fun song to play :+1: :+1:

Enjoying this recording.
Love Spooky!!!

Another great production. Very tasteful guitar work. Thank-you!

Super cool stuff Dave. Really enjoyable performance!

Great performance and mix , Dave. I was impressed with the solo. I think you nailed the tone. It takes me back to the 1970s when I saw the Atlanta Rhythm Section in concert.

That was great, Dave, right up there with your best. It’s kind of spooky though watching the perfectly synced video and hearing your guitar and vocals lol

Wow, wow, wow! Fabulous! What a cool sound, you created and what a perfect mixing it all together! I’m impressed! Chapeau!

Wowsers Dave, every time you post something it just gets better and better!
I could almost hear a Santana vibe in your solo, magic!
Absolutely loved it!

That was really good. Having not heard of the song, or Atlantic Rhythm Section, I’ve not got something to compare it to. It stands as a real high quality production what you’ve done.

In your track notes: what is “air”? The only other place I’ve seen that is a button on my Focusrite, but reading the manual for that, it didn’t make much sense to me.

Maybe because it’s Atlanta Rhythm Section, not Atlantic.

Not sure what your point is, the thread is called Atlantic, Atlanta/Atlantic, not sure how that would have helped me hear them before?

Regardless oldhead did a really good production.

It was kind of a joke. You said you’d never heard of the Atlantic Rhythm Section, I just said maybe you’d heard of the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Never mind.

@alexisduprey Thanks for taking this one in, Alex and for the feedback. Glad you liked the mix, too. I try to keep mixes pretty simple and stay away from using a lot of plug-ins.

Thanks, Mike. I appreciate the feedback. Yeah Classics IV came out with this in around 1968, I believe, and then ARS released theirs in 1979; both great versions.
“you look good” Haha. Man, I wish I was that young again and with that much hair! :laughing:

@brianlarsen Well, Brian, the drums aren’t even close, the bass is fudged starting with the solo, and the solo is fudged after the first 4 bars. That’s loose.

“This style of song suits your voice and playing style so well, good fellow. I can’t remember wether I mentioned it before but it gives me the same cool, laid back vibes as your covers of Evil ways and Love Potion #9.”
Never thought I’d hear about those two again. Love Potion #9 is one of
my favorites. And for me it’s really about the transcribing and learning to play, but glad you find some of them suit my voice. I appreciate the feedback.

@SgtColon Thanks, Stefan, much appreciated. That syncing is really easy when you learn the song from the audio of the video. Get it to where you can just play along with the original and then drop in the video.

@DavidP Thanks, David. Just having you drop by for a listen is great. The
word “inspiring” means a lot.

@Notter Thanks, Mark. Glad you like it. The solo was fun to figure out and fun to play. And you are right, you can’t beat a fun song to play.

@ReneAsologuitar Thanks for stopping by Rene, and I’m glad you enjoyed.

@ChasetheDream Thanks for the listen and kind words Robert. I appreciate the “tasteful guitar work”. As I’ve said before, sometimes I feel like I’m hitting my stride, but then reality sets in and I realize I’m just scratching the surface. But it’s all so much fun!

@Eddie_09 Thanks, Eddie. I appreciate you taking a listen, and glad you enjoyed it.

@SteveL_G99 Thank you, Steve. I appreciate the feedback. And lucky you to be able to take in a ARS concert. Ah, the memories we all have.

@Mari63 Thanks, Mari. I was pretty satisfied with the way this one turned out. I’ve got to admit that watching these videos and hearing myself is a bit spooky for me, too. I guess this is my vicarious way of playing to the masses. :rofl:


Hello Dave…this sounds great both your guitar and vocals are soo good! …and the production of the video itself is stunning indeed! :blush: