Squier neck narrower than classical

I am very scared not gonna lie. I’ve been playing classical for 2 years and i bought a squier bullet.
I opened it and the neck is narrower than the classical. Like way narrower.

At the neck (first fret where the nut is) the classical measures 4.8 cm and the squier measures 4.1 cm.

Is it supposed to be like that? Or should i return the guitar(go it online because it was not available in showroom)

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That’s how they’re supposed to be. You’ve gone from the widest-neck style of guitar through to a strat, which has a pretty narrow neck.

Classical / nylon string necks are known for being flat - either totally flat or with a large radius.


Classical guitars also have a generous nut width - mostly 2" (51mm).

Steel string acoustics and electrics have more ‘curvature’ in the neck radius and tend to have narrower nut widths too.

There are steel string acoustics (usually 12-fret models) with a 1 7/8" nut width but most steel string acoustics have a standard nut width between 1.68″ (42mm) and 1.75″ (44.5mm).

Most electric guitars have nut width between 1.65″ (41.9mm) and 1.69” (42.9mm).
The standard for Squier Bullet models is 1.65" (42 mm). They are known to be at the narrow end.
Many players find several models from the Squier range difficult to play due to narrow nut widths.

It may be you need to consider returning it and swapping for another type. Gibson-style electric guitars have nut widths about 1.69″ (43mm).

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So the gibson is still way smaller compared to the classical right? I would love not to return it. I mean if feel good to play i guess i could get used to it.
Is it a good ideea to try to get used to it?

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Hello, I learnt on a Classical Guitar which is 5.2 cm at the first fret. When I bought my first acoustic guitar I avoided the very narrowed necks. I’ve just took measures and the acoustic neck is 4.5 cm (first fret where the nut is). I got used to it pretty quickly, but I prefer the wide neck as there’s more space for the fingers, both the fretting and the fingerpicking hand. At the beginning it felt strange, but it soon fell into place, the fact that my fingers are quite thin might have helped. Give it some tries before deciding whether returning it or not. Good luck :blush:

I have a steel string acoustic and after a few years bought a electric Squier Classic Vibe and the nut on the Squier is about 2mm narrower and I find it very difficult to play. My problem is the fingers lay a bit flat playing the Squier and mute strings. It takes a lot of concentration to round the fingers more.

If you persevere you can get to play the Squire so try for a while then decide.

If you want to play electric guitar, yes.

There are reasons they are both built different, and play different

Thank you so much everyone. You have no ideea how scared i was that i bought a kids guitar😅 After playing it for a while i don’t have any problems about muting strings and it’s easier to play hendrinx chords than it is on the classical=))
Fingerpicking is going to take a while because there is less space but I’ll get it eventually.

Thank you so much everbody❤️

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Finger picking isn’t it’s best aspect for sure

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