Yep I am that guitar player…

Grade 4 major scale patters, CAGED E, and then onto chords in key for jamming.

Me - ok I can do that lets loop some G major chords and jam over the top

“You can jam to these songs… Knockin’ On Heavens door…” (but remember to shift down a half step

Ooh, jam away a bit, this is great, hey why dont I learn the solos see how they work with the G maj scale.

Detune guitar… Now mid (first) solo and I am well down the rabbit hole… and none of my 3 electrics are now in standard…

We’ve got a public holiday today so thats my day filled :rofl:

What are you up to?


Helplessly Hoping.
Singing included. And I don’t sing. So that for sure makes the song a challenge.

Enjoy your holiday Rob!
With your three alt. tuned electric guitars. :wink:

I’m back to practicing some wooden music. Standard tuning. I’ve been on this song for weeks now and helplessly hoping practice makes perfect. :slight_smile:

I get that! My singing has been classified as a war crime and if I attempt it again I’ll be visiting the Hague


Blues, blues and some more blues but I don’t seem to be getting very far, though I did have a jam along in A major penta yesterday instead of A minor, so that was a step forward.

Happy jammin’ Rob.



Lost in the blues isn’t a problem if you ask me!

I was trying to escape the same with this justin lesson, nek minnut I’m learning some slash solo

1/3rd way through the second solo it’s good fun to play…

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Haha, I did the same thing. Using Kinockin on Heaven’s Door as a study in harmonizing over a chord sequence in G (b). Had to get a new guitar so I could have one in standard tuning for random “normal” songs. :rofl:

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Thats the spirit!

OK so tonights squirrel -

  • My electrics are all in odd tunings so lets grab an acoustic
  • And jam ( Elevated Jam Tracks )!
  • Not tried the Maton with Archtype Petrucci
  • Wow the Piezo plus the Maton once dialed in with some reverb sounds incredible
  • A wild Metallica acoustic session appears
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OK back a step kinda

The G maj scale thing lead me to GnR as suggested but I had missed JG having a lesson on the whole song.

So working on the opening chord/picking thing tonight!

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How did it go, Rob? I hope you have a LP and a top hat on whilst your practicing?

It’s going OK, it’s a tricky one and I’ve not had much time

I do have a slash Les Paul which helps!


That sounds like a very good and promising start :star_struck:.
Keep on doing what you’re doing :+1::smiley:.

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Very nice, Rob. That is sounding pretty sweet. Love the LP too. Great colour.

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Still haven’t a scooby what the squirrel reference means but that sounded good to me Rob.
LP looks sweet as well.

Next rabbit I meet down here, I’ll ask where the squirrels and hobbits are.

Chasing Rabbits

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Thanks everyone!

its mostly from Up! the movie where the dogs get distracted by squirrels all the time

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So I’ve just woke up , having a coffee and now I have 8 new youtube based things to learn already lol