SRV - Mary Had a Little Lamb - intro

Part of my venture into the Blues is learning little intros and short solos like this one. Great fun, and great teaching tools to learn and practice techniques etc, before moving on to some more lengthy stuff. Lovin’ the slow, moody blues, but also lovin this fast Texas blues stuff as well. Lots of material to cut my teeth on. Gonna be here awhile :rofl:


Almost but not quite SRV, you are getting there though. Good one!

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Hi Shane,
Definitely the good vibe, good to listen to :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses:… this one has been on my list to start for so long,… you gave me the push, thanks for that,…(As if I don’t have enough to do :roll_eyes:)

Hello Shane, that sounds really cool :sunglasses:. Hoping to hear more like that from you :smiley:.

Wow, epic. Sounded so good Shane.

Great execution there Shane! Perfect insertion of the fills into the rhythm playing. Look forward to you doing some more bluesy stuff.

Sounded really good to my ear ! :blush:

Sounds awesome to me! As I have gotten older and taken more interest in playing guitar myself, SRV has supplanted EVH as my all time favorite guitarist. I came to the forums today for the first time to share my 1 month progress with Justin video. Give me some encouragement by telling me how long you have been playing to get to this level.

Hey Chris,

Welcome to the community mate, and thanks for the kind words.
I’ve been around 2 1/2 years, but time is different for everyone. Depends on your schedule, goals, focus, etc
One thing I do know for certain though is that Justin Guitar, and this community, is the best place to progress consistently on the guitar, if you do your bit and put the effort in. Don’t forget to have fun though.:+1:
All the best, Chris. Stick close to Justin’s lessons, and join in this great community. You may be very surprised at where you can be after only 6 months.

Cheers, Shane

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Thanks. I retired from full time teaching almost 2 years ago and I only substitute teach now. As a result, I have found myself with a ton of extra time on my hands, time when I previously would have been grading papers or planning instruction. Once the initial finger discomfort subsided, I upped my practice to over an hour a day, seven days a week. Once summer is here, I’ll literally have all day, every day to practice, but my other passion, sailing will probably cut into practice time a bit. You can bet that I’ll have a guitar with me on the boat though.


That was great, Shane, got the vibe down, quite unmistakeable. Not sure what I am most impressed by to highlight. Think I’ll go with the right hand. The switching between strumming and picking, the rhythm, string muting, and palm muting. Excellent. As was the rest :laughing:

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Wow Shane definitely getting there to my ears, love the tone and how you played it! As you say probably a very long journey ahead of you but this is definitely a good first step well done! :grinning:

That was terrific Shane. Loved the tone you had there and lots of different skills on display.
Well done, you’ve clearly been putting in the practise time.

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I thought that was pretty awesome Shane. Some very cool playing there.

Jeeeeez Shane :fire::fire::fire:
That was awsome played! Sounded so cool. Cant wait to see the next :grin: