!st attempt at using effects Pedals

Hi all, Well here is a short video of me giving it my best at using effects pedals for the first time.
Put the Chorus on to start and then added overdrive and delay. I must confess they really add a whole new dimension to the sound. And down the rabbit hole I go. lol.

Please be gentle on any feedback on my playing. Just a few notes from the minor pentatonic scale.

(I still cannot seem to get a preview to show from YouTube on these posts) Problem solved thank you Siff


Hi, I wish you a lot of fun exploring your pedal sounds!

If you use the link from the button “share” under the video it will show up as a video in the post instead of a link:

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Hi Gary,
I just love seeing folk getting all enthused about what they’re doing.
It’s infectious :grinning:
I also wouldn’t give tuppence for what others think about the level of your playing. Sure aren’t you flying free, having fun and making music you enjoy?!? :laughing:
Rock on… (but bring some thread to find your way out of the rabbit hole)

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thank you.

Sounding good Gary.
Yer gonna have fun with the rabbit hole will be my guess.
Seems like any tone we want is now available via pedals. And there’s ‘so many’ to try too.

btw, that’s a real good looking guitar you got there. I like that one.
I’m kinda partial to tone/vol. control for ea. pickup like you got there. I’ll play in the middle switch position, then manipulate the vol./tone for ea. to my liking for the sound I’m looking for. Most versatile imho.

Have fun with your pedals man, they sure do open up new horizons.

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That one is Lucille, I got her at a bargain price brand new £600 (faded cherry) Now around £900. Not as heavy as the Slash signature studio model I have. but the sound is lovely and the tapered rounded neck is a dream to play on.
I tend to prefer the sound with the switch in the top position (im assuming the pickups closer to the neck.)
So much to learn but I get a little further in my knowledge and skill set each day

Good choice of pedals! Often you see the overdrive first in the chain, but there are no rules at all, different orders give different sounds - play around and see what you prefer.
I really liked your phrasing, you were leaving nice spaces between your licks and that makes it a pleasure to listen to.

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Thank you so much for your feedback.

Sounding nicely laid back Gary. If that’s one of the Elevated Jam tracks I think it is (or is it Jam HQ?) you have a good 10 minutes to noodle and experiment. Good choice of pedals. As Brian says all down to personal choice on how it sounds, as long as you like it, its good.
With the delay and chorus, experiment on the settings, makes some tweaks and then see how they blend in together. It sure is a :rabbit2: :hole: but boy is it fun ! Enjoy.

Thank you, the backing track is by a guy called Daniel Allbrand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cFbjuXZcBw
I tend to just browse for them on YouTube and there are so many
I set the pedals mostly to 12 o’clock so I know there is a lot of tweaking that can be done and the delay pedal has so many options but I am looking forward to playing around with things but not enough hours in the day lol

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Ah yes, it was in one of my other collections, I have the 17 min version. That will give you a good work out.


Yes there is a link on the video to the enhanced extended version. a beautiful piece for some slow bluesy noodling :slight_smile:

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Always a lift to listen in when somebody is exploring and having fun, Gary. I enjoyed the BT, your play which was with the BT, and pleasing tones with the pedal.

A fine first foray. Keep on keeping on!

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Thank you David, its great to get encouragement from other people on here.

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Well, thank you, mon ami…
I just spent 17 minutes noodling- and then went back for seconds :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Yeah its easy to get lost in this one. Think it was the basis for one of my first impros back on the day and likely to be in the pre-Diary archives. :sunglasses: