St. James Infirmary Blues

My arrangement of St. James Infirmary Blues. Originally recorded in October of 2020. Remixed it in December of 2021 (to give width to the stereo field).

St. James Infirmary Blues (REMIXED) (Dropbox/WAV)
St. James Infirmary Blues (BEFORE REMIX) (SoundCloud)

Drums and bass created in my DAW. Vocal is me, and I also play acoustic guitar and harmonica on this track.


So smooooooth. :slight_smile: Well done

So very delightful JWC - love your vocals. You are so talented.

@tony, @SandyMusic - Thank you!

And thanks to @DavidP, too: his discriminating ear picked up on the lack of width in the stereo field when I first posted this track on the old forums. That’s what prompted me to re-mix this. Took me a long time to get around to it, but I finally put in the time, and I think it elevated the track.

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