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I’ve probably been doing this a lazy way, but I’ve been using the Nitsuj exercises as my lineup for lesson plans since it’s nearly the same skill level. The further I go and if I’ve missed in certain areas, it’s been very few since I haven’t felt overwhelmed by a section yet. It just varies how long I must linger on a particular assignment.

This is seriously the only thorough class I’ve seen online for free. People have said they don’t have the app on here, and if the righties followed the lefty lessons they’d get more of the follow-alongs.

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Hi @sepanoply

Great comments.

You’re following the older Classic course. The newer Beginner course (where all the Nitsuj videos live) contains the same plus some revamped and redesigned learning too.

Cheers :smiley:
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Thanks! I’ve been doing a tab of 3 to keep them all in order, since it looked like the Nitsuj lessons end at Grade 2 and Classic course ends Grade 3, and I’m halfway there, haha. I’ve been braiding them for extra thorough plan, but now I’ve started, it’s difficult not to be a completist, and it can’t hurt the lesson drilling.

Esp now I have the time for too much practice, which is preferable. :smiley:

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