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What's so hard about playing the guitar standing up? Learn why and 10 tips to help you stand up and play!

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After two years I’m still discouraged from standing up. It should be a motivator to lose weight I suppose simply because my big ole gut pushes my fretboard into the next time zone and if I can’t see the strings I can’t chord. I’m very comfortable with my basic chords and of course power chords but I have to SEE where I’m going! How on earth is this overcome?? I’ve seen people close their eyes and play so I’m not the victim here of a big fat belly I’m just frustrated! Lol. Is it REALLY going to take hours and hours of fingering and with different necks having different string spacings etc, just HOW!

Hello @nubonguitar and welcome to the community. I can only imagine what you describe. Perhaps try some of these.
Consciously tilt the angle to point up at a greater angle so the headstock and first few frets come up towards your chest / shoulder area more
Twist the guitar body around towards the side of your body you strum with (right?) so the neck sticks a little more forward of you.
Check how ‘large’ players do it (B.B. King for example).

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

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So initially I started playing standing up to help relieve some wrist pain, and now I can’t play any other way. That angled classical position is so much easier to play on now that I’m used to it


After over a year’s playing sitting I decided to stand up to see if it makes a difference. I wish I’d done it earlier. All my wrist issues and finger stretching, bad palm muting gone. Now I just need to relearn hitting the right strings :slight_smile:


I’ve been standing since I hurt the shoulder of my picking arm soon after I started playing and needed the guitar to sit lower than my lap. Shoulder is fine now, but standing is just more comfortable and it has seemed to have forced me to rely more on feel than sight with my fretting hand. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot!


I Agree with you guys many struggles can simply disappear in the standing position, I feel both positions have a pluses and minuses, I will try to keep in mind throught my jurney to use the both positions, so I can get the best of everything and have the variety.

After 2 1/2 yrs of sitting I’m getting on my feet some.
Just bought a nice 3" genuine leather strap and put a
strap button in the neck so I now have more incentive to stand.
But its going to take some time , can no longer see much
of where my fretting fingers are going (Acoustic guitar) or which string my pick is hitting.