Standard 12 Bar Blues Progression in A

Hi everyone,

it’s been a couple weeks since I posted anything, and I just started to blues module this morning, so I thought I’d be fun for me to post a quick video of me doing the standard 12 bar blues progression in A since my first video on the forum was actually a 12 (11) bar blues progression for hound dog (it just looked like an easy song in justin’s beginner song book) which was in the key of A (didn’t know that at the time) in grade 1:

Now back then I didn’t have any experience with blues, 7th chords, or a swing/shuffle rhythm so it was just regular EAD chords, with a 1 2 3+4 strumming pattern. So it’s kinda fun to see the progress even if it’s just a simple pattern.


:upside_down_face:My 1st thought was, WOW, this guy can play both right & left handed! Seriously, good progress.

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Ha yea the first time I recorded my self I didn’t know my phone would mirror the image. My new phone automatically does it so no more of that, haha.

Well done! :clap:

These chord changes aren’t easy. I just recorded myself playing a Quick Change 12 Bar Blues in E. So be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

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Oh man I’m no where near recording my self in E, that B7 chord is killer. I just saw your improv video and kudos, you sound excellent!

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Yeah. It’s quite tricky. I didn’t get it right 100% of the times either

However I find it worse the changes in the key of G :sweat_smile:

Love the short and sweet trend! Dig it. You got it. Nice share. Play on playa. :slight_smile:

Nicely done, Alexis, you got the bluesy vibe on the shuffle rhythm and rock 'n roll when it is straight. Keep rocking on, doing what you’re doing.

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That was great Alexis, that second video has a lot more of a bluesy feel to it. It’s coming along nicely.

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Grand stuff Alexis, definitely got the vibe on that, I’m just starting on the blues stuff myself, the spate of blues postings is getting me hooked! :wink:

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Nice stuff mate. I’ve been drawn to look up some Blues postings here because I’m checking out this module too this week.

You’re progress work on the shuffle groove is sounding good. The 2nd video definitely has the blues vibe that I’ve been listening to over the last few days. Keep it up!