Start-Up Award - to honour the stellar progress and great enthusiasm of Trevor - tjc_

Original Forum thread here: Start-Up Award - to honour the stellar progress and great enthusiasm of tjc_

Awarded May 09, 2021

tjc_ (Trevor) started learning with the JustinGuitar Beginner course in December 2020 and jioned the forum in January 2021. Trevor’s learning progress can only be described as stellar and inspiring.

Trevor began to record videos of his progress very early on and began a weekly progress series of video uploads to ‘Audio or Video of You Playing’ that spanned across several months. His enthusiasm, commitment and enjoyment were clear for all to see.

Trevor took an enormous leap into the scary unknown by stepping up to perform at the very first JustinGuitar Community Open Mic in March 2021 … and those butterflies and clammy hands of anxiety must have been heightened by having to wait until the penultimate playing spot (1h 24m 30s). (See archived video of OM1).

Trevor recently announced that he felt the need for a short break as the hours of daily practice had led to a little burn out. We all hope that after a short period of R&R and a short pause to take stock, he makes a swift return and continues to learn, play and enjoy music. And continue to keep a video log too of course.

Bravo Trevor. :slight_smile:


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Congratulations Trevor - this award is very well deserved! You truly have been an inspiration with your videos - it’s good to see you back on the forum. Welcome back - and keep up the great work! Tom


What a great read it is to see you get this award, Trevor, really really happy for you. Glad to hear you’re having a hard time putting your guitar down, too - definitely a good sign!! Enjoy your lesson with Justin :smiley: Mari


Condensed replies from Trevor.


Did anyone ever hear back from Trevor? Did he end up having that lesson with Justin? Hope all is well with him.

I wrote to Trevor just before Christmas. In his reply he described how several hobbies took over his time including: teaching himself to program, then he wrote and published a ‘blockchain tracking application’, he is now fixing mechanical watches.
He did say that he hopes to get back to the guitar soon, and when he does he will join the new community site, because, quote, “You all were so much fun and welcoming!”


Ah that’s good to know, thanks @Richard_close2u! He sure is a man of many hobbies :slight_smile:

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Great to hear that Richard and I too hope he finds his way here. What he accomplished in short space of time and his contagious enthusiasm, would be an encouragement to any new student :sunglasses:

Not only to any new student, also to more veteraned students!

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Wow, sounds like a man of many talents and not enough time.

He really put a lot into guitar, his natural talents show and are inspiring.

If he is as capable in his other endeavors, he will be fine and he probably is!

I do miss his input and music here though. He is a good spark.


Thankyou for the update Richard. It’s good to know he’s still around and achieving things that are important to him.

Thank YOU too Richard for the many hours you’ve spent migrating and editing this series and for all the behind the scenes work you do. :1st_place_medal:


Can’t say it any better than Maggie did, Richard!

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