Starter acoustic amplifier

What are others’ suggestions for a good starter amp for acoustic guitar?

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I encourage you to try whatever amp you choose before you buy. The first acoustic amp I had was a cheap one recommended by a friend and to be honest it was quite disappointing to where I rarely used it. When I started playing open mics, being on stage through a PA was quite an adjustment because it always sounds different than playing unplugged. Then I visited a friend with an upmarket amp (AER) and plugged in it sounded so good I was astounded.

I’m not suggesting you go straight to something as expensive as an AER (although there can be good buys found 2nd hand), do experiment to find the best one for your budget.

Once I started rehearsing with an amp and a good mic for my vocals, it helped a lot with my performance anxiety on open mics.

Take a look at the Fender Acoustasonic 15 or 40. I have the 40 and am quite happy with it.

I recently heard one of these and was really impressed by it; a local busker was using it. I asked a few questions and she had bought it at Christmas time, she was really pleased with its performance for what it costs.
I found a US outlet price, it’s a bit more expensive here in the UK!