Starting 2024 with Pink

We don’t hear a lot of pink cover songs so i thought I’d throw this one out there for everyone. I’m still not fully recovered from illness so my voice sounds off lol. Anyways here’s a one take stab at it for a Friday.

Thank you for listening


Hey Jeff think that song is much slower then what you where playing it and didn’t sound much like the pink song but for a first try it was a good try.

Hey man,

I appreciate you always being honest in what you think. You give full credit if you enjoy a song. This one was an example of how my week went so I connected with the song When I play these cover songs I don’t try to sound like the original artist and kind of make it my own version. Maybe it needs work though. Have a good weekend.


Hey Jeff I would want you to be just as honest with me for the truth will help build a better you ,but if you are lied to you can never work on what is needed. I always feel bad when I don’t get things right but it makes me work so much harder for the next time. So I hope you are not mad at me for being honest .

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Not mad at all bro. I’m on cloud nine today because Rick Savage of Def Leppard liked one of my Tik-tok videos and started following me. He said thanks for being a fan for 35 plus years. I’m sure it could be just someone who represents him but still the thought was really cool. He challenged me to do a cover of my favorite Def Leppard song so I’m trying it again. So far sounds decent. “When Love and Hate Collide” is what I’m practicing. I was awful at it a year ago but who knows. I just started tik-tok about a week ago and get several hundred views an hour vs minimal on you tube. Putting myself out there more in 2024. Hope you have a great week and of course no hard feelings if I’m needing improvement. Sugar coating helps no one.

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Hi Jeff! :grin:
Dont know pink at all so i have nothing to compare with.
Nice and steady strumming as always. Still some more work to do with dynamics, but im sure youll get there…
love that Strat by the way, looks so cool :grin:

Hi Trond,

Thanks for stopping by…yeah nor my best one but still around enjoying playing. You would probably like my country song better that I did in the farewell 2023 post. My daughters reaction was hilarious.