Starting guitar again after break

Been away from guitar practice again, this time about 5 months due to a house move. Don’t know whether to try & pick up where I left off or go back a bit. What is the general feeling about this? Feeling a bit cautious, have developed arthritis in my 57 year old hands in the meantime.


Welcome back, Paul. Perhaps you can reflect quickly back on what you had been learning and practicing and then get back into playing the songs that you were playing that used that knowledge and skills. That could help clear the cobwebs and highlight what you may need to focus on with extra practice to get back to the level you were at.


Hello Paul and welcome. :slight_smile:

I’d go with a quick recap. If I miss a day it seems to put me back two weeks.

Hi Paul.
Good to have you back.
Five months off … your basic muscle memory shod have held, your callouses maybe not.
Build back up by revisiting and consolidating.