Starting to look for my first electric guitar

Just finished watching the series of 3 for electric guitars for beginners. It seems like my love of aesthetics for specific things extends to guitars.

While he was testing out there was a Gibson LP that he played and of all the guitars played I loved the sounds of that the most.

I found online a few and I think they are almost identical to the one JS played, however I am at a quandry now.

There are 3 links here.
1 is a LP Tokai legacy, (out of stock but all good) for $535 AU
2 is a LP Tokai ALS - 62F traditional. $1099

My first question for those who know more about guitars than I, what’s the difference between the two?

And the third is another LP
Tokai ALC 62 - SW - It says LP Customer style, $935 but this one I think is sexy as hell.

  1. LP $595
  2. LP $1095
  3. Sexy as Hell LP

Not an expert, but the one you call “sexy as hell” has the same pickups (except in gold) and other hardware as the “higher end” one and is a little cheaper. The least expensive has different pickups.

So if you don’t need to buy the cheaper one due to the finances. You clearly HAVE to get the sexy one.

I mean, could you live with yourself knowing you spent more for the same guitar and didn’t get the one you find “sexy as hell”?

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No, I could not LOL


I oike the aaaa top, not keen on white guitars but that one looks good.

Prefer the darker rosewood fretboard.

Have you held and played these?

Not yet. Just started the search and locating where they are at what shops so I can go play and see what they are like in my hands.

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Just follow the 3 'P’s and you should be right, they are all subjective and personal to you…

Price - Is it within your budget?

Playability - Is it comfortable for YOU to play?

Prettiness - If it was sat in a stand across the room does it shout ‘play me’ and make you want to pick it up?

If a guitar passes ALL 3, it is the one for you.


I have both an Epiphone Les Paul and Gibson and find the Gibson infinitely better particularly in terms of playability. I think the Tokai clones have been around for years but have no idea how they compare having never seen one. I did try out my LP and found that there were differences between guitars even the same model in the same finish. But since then the retail outlets have closed so I doubt that option to try them still exists; certainly not in the North of the UK.

Oh, I see. So this isn’t a les paul, it is a les paul look alike, the brand is Tokai?

Theres certainly something about a gibson but then it would be 3-5+ times the cost of the Epi, hand built and run through a plek etc

Yeah I’ll keep looking, it is early stages right now, gonna play a lot of them, and find the one I like the most…

I would have a good look around and try and play a few at a music store if you can. Don’t discount any make model or style until you have had a go. Sometimes guitars just find you and you know they are the right one. Weight, balance all these things play a part. It helps if they are set up properly but that can be remedied later.
And play it through something you are likely to use at home. For any guitar with pickups the HX Stomp is fantastic. It’s a small pedal with lots of simulated amp sounds on it and lots of online support and tutorials.

Thanks for that, yeah gonna play a tonne before I make my final choice for sure.

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I have a hard time buying guitars online. Most other stuff, I have no issues ordering online, it is going to be the same coffee mug, earbuds, or paper towel roll every time. There is something about a guitar that I want to go play 20 and pick the one that made me feel something. It is one of those things where you might walk in planning to come out with a new instrument, but you didn’t find the right one that day. Or you walked in thinking you were buying a pack of strings and walk out on NGD.

I am also a big fan of used gear. There is not not many products that you can buy for $1,000 and use for 10 years and then sell for $1,000 but if you are strategic and take care of your stuff you can just about do that with guitars.

You need to do what makes sense for you, but that is my thought process. The one thing I would advise though on the 3 choices you posted… the less expensive option (#1) has only one very low quality image, that would concern me personally.

And it isn’t sexy enough….

I like the first two although I have a white telecaster that colour does not suite the shape just my view, good idea to try the guitars, I find LP types very heavy mine is solid mahogany and not very well balanced.

One thing to bear in mind is that they’re pretty heavy, all stating around 5kg, my Telecaster is 3.5 kg and I don’t consider it to be light!
Get out and try them before you hand over any money - you will definitely find ESP LTD LP alikes are quite a bit lighter and they’re a great option. Also there’s the PRS SE singlecut again a great option and quite a bit lighter.
Tokai are a very good brand and their made in china guitars (which all of those are) are made under Japanese quality supervision, that said the Made in Japan ones are directly comparable to Gibson. Have a good look around, on your budget you can get a great guitar!

Modern spec Gibson Les Paul’s are weight relieved which means they have been hollowed out and weigh less. A traditional spec Gibson Les Paul ie late 50’s are solid. I have both.

I managed to get mine on finance and the premium in my opinion was worth it. I would not like to stand up at a gig with it strapped around my neck for 2 hours though.

Yeah I have been reading and watching youtube vids on the weight of the OG’s. That’s heavy!

Yeah I never would buy online something like this. The pictures were merely research to find the guitar I loved the sound of that Justin played during the Guitar vid, then come here and find out if it is the same, then that essentially opened up a whole new rabbit hole.

I would say my timeline is no less then 3-5 months at least. So plenty of time to go into a shop and play lots of them.

Yeah the names and brands of the ‘alikes’ are all very new to me… I just don’t want to buy a LS knock off just cause it looks like it, and it’s cheaper… So the research and posting here will help find more info that I didn’t know :slight_smile:

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