Static And Functioning Dominants

It's helpful to understand the difference between Dominant Chords both for analysis and appropriate extensions!

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Stumbled upon figuring out the notes for Lydian Dominant Mode for G7 on my own. For those who struggle, here it is.
Lydian Dominant is 4th mode of the melodic minor, that means we count 5 semitones (distance between root and perfect 4) down from G and land on D note, which is a key note of the melodic minor we take our notes from.
Melodic Minor scale differs from the Major one only by flattened 3rd, so:
D Major: D E F# G A B C#
D Melodic Minor: D E F G A B C#
G Lydian Dominant (D M. M. started from 4th): G A B C# D E F
G Lydian Dominant in 3rds: G B D F A C# E