Station to Station

Another of my songs. Hope you enjoy it.



50 years of guitar playing - you are quite experienced and it’s very noticable in your playing. I liked your song :hibiscus:. Although, honestly said, I would have prefered a few more words apart from “another of my songs” :joy:. It’s always nice to get some more information about an original. And an original is worth telling us a bit about the background, isn’t it :wink:?


Apologies for the lack of information. I didn’t write too much about this, or others of my songs on here, because I was concerned it might sound like I was blowing my own trumpet, as opposed to playing my own guitar.

The story of ‘Station to Station’.

I wrote the chorus, ending '… the love we have makes everything worthwhile… ', about forty years ago. I was a young, ambitious salesman, moving long distances to chase the next big job. My wife and I were still fairly newly married with a young child and my wife was literally left holding the baby while my career took priority. She loved the chorus and from the first time she heard it encouraged me to try and develop it as a complete song. I could never find what should come next,

My musical hero was, and is, Mickey Newbury. A fantastic songwriter, musician and a fine guitarist. I wrote to Mickey, via his publisher, in the late nineties, to express my gratitude for his songs and tell him how much they had helped me. They say, ’ never meet your heros’: I say do! I met Mickey in 2000 at his home in Oregon and witnessed his last ever performances at the 2nd Gathering, a meeting of Mickey’s fans from round the globe. I sang at the gathering, performing ‘Frisco Depot’, one of Mickey’s songs, in front of Mickey and his fans. Mickey, at the time, was very ill with COPD and he died the following year. The McKenzie River flows through Oregon, near where Mickey lived. Waylon Jennings, and others, talked of Nebury’s ‘train songs and rain songs’: meeting Mickey, visiting Oregon, Mickey’s death, all inspired me to write the verses of ‘Station to Station’.

The final inspiration to the piece was Karen, another of Mickey’s fans and friends. With her kind words, from America to England, Karen helped and comforted me, helped me carry on when I was very unwell not long after the Gathering. So a song about Oregon, about Mickey, about love’s power to cross distances and build bridges was dedicated to Karen.

I’m quite proud of my song(s) and I hope writing about what I feel might sometimes ring a chord with others.

Thanks for listening in spite of my original lack of information.

Having read all this you may be regretting the question! Thank you Andrea.


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Oh there is another one! :smile:

Absolut banger!

Full disclosure: I posted this like 10 seconds in! Ok, here we have tempo change instead of a key change. Am I right? Man, always something new, always something familiar…you got an EP here. Maybe I missed some songs, I have to dig.
One thing I noticed is that you don’t like intros. :smile:

Second edit: Now I read the information you provided. You can be proud of your songs for sure, they are something special. I was humming your other song while walking my way to the grocery store. And I couldn’t wait to read the full lyrics.
Never heard Of Mickey but witnessing someones last perfomance, I can see how this leaves a mark. I saw Desmond Dekker 3 times, even danced with him on stage but he just refused to die. (Sorry I had to make this joke, cause we was sure that everytime we saw him it would be the last time. And he still came back. (Into Germany from Jamaica!)

I wrote so much today to you, I hope you don’t mind. Consider me a big fan!

Another great song Brian! I’ll now go away and dig out all your other songs that I have not found yet. And wow what a back story! Thanks for sharing, and thank you @Helen0609 for asking a cheeky question!

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Brian! I never expected such a detailed answer to my “nudge” :blush:! But I’m very happy I did it :joy:. I’m always glad, when accomplished players with decades of playing experience are willing to share their experiences with us beginners or advancing beginners!.
When it comes to song-writing in a non professional context, I know the intension is not driven by making money but by using their own creativeness to create something soulful. And therefore, it is helpful to know a bit more about the creator’s ambitions. As a non nativ speaker, I do get a lot of the lyrics, but sometimes not everything, so first of all, there’s kind of a “language barrier” for me and others.
When listening to a song like your’s, I enjoy it so much more, when I get a bit more of the story behind :blush:. It lifts everything up, when put into the right context.

Love that, that’s great! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Never heard of him before, just had a short view into YT, will have to listen to some great music!
Thank you so much for sharing the whole story behind your song! I like it even more now :star_struck:.

I guess, it’s the other way round…when people just drop a song without any comment, I would assume, they just step in to get a few clicks…if somebody writes a few words about his intension, I wouldn’t think about blowing the own trumpet, I would appreciate the effort!
So, happy to hear more from you :blush:!

Hi Molly, I think, the nudge was worth it! :joy: