"Stats" within the Practice App Question

How many days of “Stats” are displayed in the Practice Application.
It’s either limited to one week of stats or I didn’t start recording sessions until exactly a week ago? But I know I’ve been playing off this site for almost two weeks.
Anyway…just wondering? :thinking:

Standard is 7 days. But under the graph of the statistics, you see the start and end dates of the period shown. Click on the start date, and you get a little calendar allowing you to choose another start date (and then end date). The graph will show you the statistics for the chosen period.


There we go. I see the calendar now. :+1:
Thanks much!

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This was still confusing me though. I’m thinking, “Man I could have swore I started in Aug. Why is the app only showing that I’ve got a total of 7+ hours playing time.” (head-scratch)

  1. Hit the start date. 2) Set the start date and end dates in the calendar, then — 3) hit the ‘filter’ which reset the graphs.

Ok - this looks better! Live and learn.

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Is there something odd going on with the Practice Assistant? Yesterday I practiced 30 minutes, and it showed I had 30 minutes on Tuesday. Today is Wednesday, I practiced 29 minutes, yet it now shows nothing practiced yesterday and 59 minutes practiced today! Now, I know this is a new laptop and I discovered it was set to Pacific time, UTC-8 instead of Eastern time, UTC- 5, but I can’t see how that makes a difference?