Stick a fork in me. I’m done

After careful consideration I decided it’s time to part ways. My progress has not been what it should be and I think it’s got the best of me. I have no desire to play guitar anymore. I quit. Good luck to everyone. I still believe in this motto I posted on guitar zoom recently.

Adios JG friends



You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I went through that feeling some time ago. I just completely ignored my guitars for a week or so, and then decided “what the hell” and picked it up again. I just lowered my expectations when I restarted, accepted that I was never going to get “good” and just concentrated on getting better at what I was capable of.

Oh, and I don’t believe that you can be whatever level of rock star you aspire to. We all have different abilities and limitations.


You’re quite easily in the top 20% of people who’ve learnt to play the guitar. Congratulations!

As a wannabe guitar player who has put down & picked up my instrument so many times - I feel your frustration & desire to walk away. I just want to remind you of a couple of things…
You live in a beautiful part of the world & can go sit on a beach and strum your worries away, you’ve said numerous times here that you love those moments. Also, it’s totally ok & also normal for us non-superhuman types to learn slowly & to feel like we’re not progressing… look at your old videos. You have gotten better over time!
My advice, such as it is, walk away for a bit but when the urge strikes, pick up one of your favorite guitars & just strum a few easy chords. Put it down again for a bit… sometimes a pause is needed & therapeutic. Give it time but don’t give up, man!
You can message me anytime, I will get back to you!



Hey Jeff,

I just logged in and noticed you tagged me in your most recent share post about feedback, and now see this.

First I’d say that quitting is of course, OK, and completely up to you. I’ve started and quit many things in my life. Of course that’s your call.

The feedback people give here is given to help. People hang out here and give advice because they like to to help. But don’t take it the wrong way. If you don’t truly want to quit, it may be a moment to reflect and think critically about your playing and figure out what to change in your practice routine to improve.

Learning guitar is hard, and one thing I’ve realised - harder for some than others.

You are of course welcome to stay, post more AVOYPs, learn more from Justin & others on the community. Of course, also, if you want to quit, that’s OK, and thanks for being a part of the community.


Well that escalated quickly. A bit sad that you’re pulling up stumps for the moment, but its your call. Interesting parting quote. I don’t think it relates to anyone in this community. Hope to see you back here someday.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

Sad to see this Jeff but understand where you are at. Lost count of the times I gave up and stopped over the years before finding Justin’s old website. Not sure what has brought this on but maybe its just time to take a sabbatical and reflect on things. Don’t do any thing rash, like off loading your gear. Take some time out.

If its about not progressing as fast and as far as you would have liked, just look back and see how far you have come. I think if you constantly look forward to see how much there is to learn and see this never ending journey, its easy to get overwhelmed and think I’ll never do all of that. That maybe so but with slow steady pace and realistic ambition you will do a lot of it. It just takes time.

Think of it as climbing a mountain. You often can’t see the next ridge, let alone the summit. But if you look down into the valley you think shoot, that’s a long way down, have I really come this far ?

Hey but what do I know. Good luck in your life and the direction it takes. Don’t forget we will still be here, if that itch comes back.

Take care.



Don’t give up on something that you love, Jeff. Don’t give up on something that makes you happy. Now and then at least, playing on the beach at night.

It’s about getting better in the long-run. Its about improving certain skills in the long-run. Surely. But most of all it should be about having fun, about doing something that makes you happy. Now and then.

Don’t give up on your music. There is no need for posting anything or videos of you playing. Just don’t give up. Promise me. Don’t give up.

You know how to contact me.


No,no,no Jeff!!!
Keep at it mate! You are heading in the right direction, please dont stop playing. I really enjoy watching your vids and see youre progress.

Wish you all the best!


Jeff I remember giving up the guitar has been one of the most painful decision of my life…what to say?! Take your time and do what you feel it is best for you. I really started learning only when I gave up any expectation on myself and the only availble destination was the chair of my kitchen and a couple of minutes long little exercise to make me feel well. Seek your own well-being Jeff!



Now’s not the time to quit, now’s the time to ask for help to overcome any playing difficulties. Progress will come from specific dedicated practice. You have a supportive community here who’s only intention is to help you take a step closer to your dreams. If someone provides you with some constructive critique explain your difficulties to them and ask them for some guidance to overcome those difficulties. I’m pretty sure you’ll get lot’s of supportive comments with fantastic tips. Life is short, so do what makes you happy. But don’t quit the guitar because of feedback. If it makes you happy take that feedback and use it as motivation to improve further. Wish you all the best.


Jeff, I saw your post in the OM19 CFI just before breakfast, made a mental note to message you, but see you’ve shared your thoughts, feelings, and decision here.

What can I say in addition to the many replies already posted.

Firstly, I love this Community, friends brought together by love of music and desire to learn to play guitar, and without exception always so supportive, caring, and encouraging. You have made friends and although perhaps a cliche, surely feel the love.

As I read your post, I noticed a personal nemesis, that insiduous, evil word ‘should’. I know I have some struggle ahead whenever I notice a ‘should’ showing up.

An equation I bring to mind is ‘Reality - Expectation = Happiness’. Personal management of expectations is such a challenging aspect of living a good life.

Our paths may now diverge or maybe you’ll feel and think differently down the line to resume, irrespective I wish you peace, joy, and happiness.


Jeff, I’ve given up as many times as some people have had hot dinners!
It’s possibly a phase you’re going through, you may (or may not) get the urge to pick it up again; if you’ve given it your best and not achieved what you wanted to did you set your sights too high?
I used to play to a decent standard, now due to the things that Fibromyalgia has done to me I can’t, I still like to pick my guitar up and now a Bass (less strings :laughing:), all I can say is don’t completely shut the door on it, just see what transpires! Good luck whatever you do!


Hi Jeff,
Really sorry to read your post.
In my short time in the community, I have enjoyed your performances, reading your posts, the music you have steered me towards.
I hope you reflect and reconsider.
Whatever you do, good luck
Best wishes,


Take care Jeff, sometimes you don’t need the glory to reach fulfilment.

Thanks for sharing, not easy to be forthcoming with such feelings.

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Hi mate,

If you are no longer enjoying playing guitar then you should quit. Lifes too short and there are better things to do in life than continue with something that doesn’t make you happy.

Before doing so, I think there is one question worth asking.

Is it guitar that you are not enjoying or is it this site.

Justin guitar is a tutorial site so its designed in a way where there is always more to learn, a skill level to jump up to, plenty of feedback offered and plenty of people to compare yourself to.

Potentially what you need is to log off and just enjoy playing for the sake of playing. No schedules and no having to play every day and no worrying about improving. Just playing songs within your skill level.

Maybe leave the guitar out its case and see what happens.


It’s your guitar. Yours to do whatever you want with.

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Sorry to see you go. You have been a positive influence here in the forum. If you ever pick it back up, we will be here with open arms (well, ears, arms are full of guitars).

I remind myself that there is no “should” ever single day. If I set expectations, I would feel like a failure.


Normally I would say, “When the going gets tough, quit!”
In your case I can’t judge whether or not things got tough. You were finding your own voice and playing cover songs in a unique way. There seemed to be a fair amount of passion in your delivery as well. Not every one is going to get it when you blaze your own path. Self-assessment can sometimes be cruel as well. I had someone take time out of their dismal day to comment on one of my videos that I’m too stupid to feel embarrassed. No shame in just starting over from scratch or calling it quits for now.

Hi everyone,

I was very touched at the multiple responses of reassurance and encouragement from everyone. It has been a while since I had that kind of reaction from a post here. I’ll reply to each individually, but for now I will try to summarize. To David’s point the forum is full of warmth and kindness in responses here. I try my best to pay it forward and always offer encouragement to newer guitarists here.

Although my message made it seem like the feedback bothered me, it is not the reason I chose to step away. I welcome feedback and would rather hear honest opinions if I am not doing a good job. I don’t want to be patronized saying I am doing well if I am not. I was just overly sensitive yesterday I think. The truth is it made me realize I am not as talented as I thought I was and needed to get my head out of the clouds and into reality. I’m not awful but know there are many shortcomings in my playing.

I have personal things I am going through they have become more than I can handle, so decided to take a break from everything. To be honest since I put my personal things in here and embarrassed myself I may not ever be able to come back here. I normally don’t do that, open myself up to anyone.

To answer a comment someone made about asking for help, I have before and usually got no response. Richard was one exception who went above and beyond to help with my timing in the beginning. I was very thankful.

I thank everyone for the kindness here and positive messages. I’m not angry with the forum. If I’m being honest though I was angry for a while that I applied for the open job here and didn’t get it. I was trying to escape my stressful job for something I enjoy. I’m sure they hired someone good though.

Goodbye for now