Stiff fingers from Perth Australia

Thanks David,

I have a think I will try out most on offer and see what I like and what works.
So far I’m just enjoying the lessons, learning and now the community.


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Cheers Socio,

I have put a bit of effort into understanding the ‘Practice Assistant’ over last couple of days and can really see the benefit. As my wife often tells me, I love structure, and this tool can really help with that.

I found there is quite a bit to get my head around. Not only guitar related skills but also how to navigate the website (WIP) and all the rabbit holes that has to offer.

Still haven’t even been able to sort my profile pic out :crazy_face: I can hear my daughters laughing at me now.

Right now my goals are to build my practice routines, use them everyday (I play everyday but can fall into playing stuff I know) and posting a song.

Thanks again for the advice. It really is helpful to hear from people who have been hear a while.



I’ll add my welcome to the many voices already here Colin!
I’m looking forward to reading about your journey from here on in and hopefully hearing / seeing it too :slight_smile:

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Thanks Notter,

Once I work out how best to record and upload a video I will be sure to share.


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No worries Colin. One very important thing I forgot to mention was to have fun and be kind to yourself.
As you likely know, learning this instrument is not easy. I’ve been guilty on more than one occasion (and Im sure many others here have too ) of getting that big stick out and beating myself with it, comparing myself to others, putting myself down for not being able to get something right etc. Part of being human I suppose, but ultimately just a waste of time and energy.
I’ve slowly learnt to ask myself one simple question at these times. “Where was I at when I started this journey with Justin?”. Changes the mindset very quickly.



@Colberg69 I contacted a fellow muso in Perth asking about clubs. Here’s her reply:

Monday Supper Club ( Monday Supper Club ); Wanneroo Folk Club ( Wanneroo Folk Club ); Bay Music Club ( ).

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Its a very good point Shane. Luckily I have learnt this same mindset to not be frustrated with what I cant do. I see little wins all the time which means there is improvement. If you can improve in one thing means you can improve in anything.
Maybe that is a wisdom that comes with age along with the aches and pains

Above and beyond Tony. :grinning:
Thanks so much. I’ll check them out

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