Stiff fingers from Perth Australia

Hi All,

I came to Justin Guitar via Fender Play as there were so many positive comments about Justins teaching method. I have to say I agree 100%. I am loving it and spend all my learning time here.

I have owned a guitar for about 20 odd years (now 53) and spent a lot of time teaching myself via tabs for 3-4yrs early on. Then life came knocking and the guitar took a back seat.
The last 6 months I have picked in back up and am completely hooked.

Now, although I spent a lot of time with the guitar in my hands early on I’m a little embarrassed to say the level I am at doesn’t really reflect the hours of playing. Justin’s phrase ‘The eternally progressing beginner’ really does hit the nail on the head and describes where I am at perfectly.

I started Justin course Beginner Grade 1 Lesson 1 to make sure I didn’t skip anything and am currently Grade 2 module 13. Love the scheduled and formatted practice.

Still trying to get my head around the website (can even set a profile pick) but enjoying the discovery non the less.

Look forward to sharing my journey with you all and sharing in yours.

Best of luck to all



Hey Colin, welcome to the community. Great to have another Aussie posting here. I started playing at the age of 53 and now 10 years later I’m so glad I got hooked well and truly. So very worth the effort. Look forward to more posts from you.

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Hey welcome! Almost Aussie here (kiwi) , sounds liek you are on the right lines, like you I’ve started from the beginning too

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Welcome Colin, I’m looking forward to hearing of your progress.

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Cheers Tony and thanks for your reply.
Loved reading your story. Very inspiring.
Great to read you started at 53 which I will be in a couple weeks and great to see a fellow Aussie in here.

I am loving Justins teaching style and just gotta get better understanding of how the website works and how to get the best out of it.

Like you I have also made some purchases and will make some more and donate. Least you can do given the amount of content offered here for free.

That a fantastic idea re the music club. I’ll have to check out if there is one local to me. Did the club you referred to have nation wide affiliates or was it just local?

I look forward to progressing my guitar playing and being more active in the community.

Thanks again

The club we are in is based on the Gold Coast and has no national affiliation, (we live in Northern NSW but are traveling around the continent in our caravan, in Darwin now and headed towards Perth eta sometime in July).

I did a google: perth acoustic music clubs
and also one: perth acoustic or country music clubs

And found a few hits, facebook search might be worth trying too.

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Hello Colin, a very warm welcome to the community.
You’ve come to a great teacher, a fantastic site and a warm and friendly place.

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Warm welcome to the Community, Colin. Sounds like you are making great progress and I look forward to hearing you play.

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Hello Colin and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

You will now hopefully go from beginner to pro.

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Thanks Richard. Great to be here

Welcome Colin. Great to have another Aussie onboard. I’m on the other side, on the North Coast of NSW. Lived in Perth for a year about 10 years ago. Beautiful city.

You’re in the right place here mate. Justin’s an exceptional teacher, and this community is a tremendous place. Im 53 also, been here nearly 2 years, and learning alot from Justin, and also from the great wealth of knowledge and experience of others in this community. Becomes like family after a while.

All the best.
Cheers, Shane

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Cheers Shane and thanks for the welcome. Met a couple Aussies in here now which is great.
Sounds like we have similar guitar stories. Noodled around for a few years and now trying to get a bit more serious about learning. Actually seems like the most common story through the community.

I really am loving the lessons here and the guidance with practice. I think that is probably the most common reason for stalled progress for a lot of people; not really knowing what and how they should be practicing. I’m slowly getting my head around the practice assistant tool which seems like a fantastic tool to help with making sure you have a focused practice session.

You’ve been here 2 yrs; Do you have any advice in terms of how to get the best out of Justin’s system/website/App? What would you tell someone who was just starting here?

Apologies for the inquisition but I’m keen to avoid as much fumbling around while learning how to learn…if that makes sense.

Really appreciate you reaching out.


No problem at all Colin with the questions. Thats how we all roll here. Ask away here anytime.
Regarding advice to newcomers, it does depend somewhat on your background, your personality/motivations, and of course your goals.
You seem to have a similar background to me prior to Justin. I came in knowing a handful of open chords reasonably well, and tried to learn songs and fill in the gaps with stuff I didnt know. Endless frustration, and the reason I’d only last a few months, then give it away for a few years. Rinse and repeat. Not exactly a great formula :sweat_smile:.

I started with Justin at the absolute beginning. Module 1, Lesson 1 - the rationale being to rectify basic technique problems, and fill in the many gaps in basic knowledge. I think this is the best starting point for anyone joining Justin Guitar.

I also started Justins Practical Music Theory course after a couple of months. Absolutely brilliant course, which I’ll be doing for life pretty much. Intensely practical in nature, and directly related to guitar. The pinnacle of Justins teaching I believe. I suppose it depends on ones situation, time constraints, motivations etc, as to when/ if to follow this path, but for me it has been the game changer. It is a paid course, but the cost is ridiculously low; the benefits enormous.
I also did Justins Strumming Techniques 1&2, also a paid course, but at about $10, its basically a robbery.:sweat_smile:. Exceptional course, with video and worksheets - it completely transformed my strumming and rhythm over a few months. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the last 2 years, its that rhythm in music is king.
Cant really comment on the App, as it came about fairly recently, and have never used it. It seems to be very good though, from reading in the forums. I believe there’s a 7 day trial. Perhaps try it out, and see if it fits your needs.
Developing a practice routine and setting goals is a critical aspect. Justin guides you through this in the early stages, and this sets you up well for developing your own as you move forward from the beginner courses.
Join in the community forums. I made the mistake of lurking around the edges for much of the first year, being a naturally introverted type. Really joining in, being vulnerable, asking questions, posting videos etc has helped significantly in my development and confidence. I suppose different personality types handle this in various ways. This community really is one if those special places, full of tremendously giving people of all levels.
Above all, follow Justins tuition and advice, and always ask questions about the why where needed. I believe if its reconciled in your mind, then the pathway to the fretboard will flow much better.
Now, there are many, many here vastly more experienced and talented than me. Im grateful for that, as hanging around better players helps me. I’m still relatively very early on in this journey, but the above is what has worked for me so far, and is a completely different ballgame to my previous fumbled attempts at learning guitar.

Hope this helps somewhat. Others will likely chime in here with some more sage advice.

Cheers, Shane :+1:


terrific response @sclay


That is an understatement Richard. What a fantastic reply from Shane with lots of great advice.
What a great endorsement to the level of engagement from community members here.

Simply fantastic

Thanks for the advice Shane.

I always planned to do the theory course but your comments have inspired me to jump in sooner rather than later.
Strumming techniques I didn’t even know was a course. I’ll definitely check this out.

I’m slowly getting my head around using the practice assistant and setting a routine. This is something I love about Justins…I just love doing things that have a clear process.
Goal setting I’m not as clear on and haven’t spent a great deal of time trying to nail down other than wanting to improve (which is about as loose a goal as you can get).

I’ll definitely try to be an involved member of the community as I am finding it inspiring already and if your reply is an indication of the support and advice available here then this will be an invaluable space.

Thanks again for your reply/advice.
I really am very appreciative. :smiley:


Welcome aboard, Colin.
(Are those punky references to Sham 69 and Stiff Little Fingers? :wink:)
Indeed @sclay has summed it up nicely (it should go somewhere as a sticky endorsement). It reminds me to look into the strumming pattern cds. I find I use the same ones constantly.
As he said, the juicy stuff starts when you share properly, but all in good time.
Enjoy the course/community :smiley:

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:laughing: :sweat_smile: It wasn’t my intention when I wrote that Brian but I did notice it when I read back and wondered if anyone else would see it.
I look forward to sharing as a way of developing. Just have to work out how now. As I have said I am bit of a slow learner so the website and all its functions might take me a bit to get my head around.

I am encouraged with the welcome I have received already.

Thanks for reaching out

Colin, @sclay said pretty much all I’d have had to say.

All I’d add to that is if it works for you then use the website as the source of lessons, rather than the App. I think the videos and descriptions have a little more content than what is on the App.

The App is a great tool to enable playing songs, developing rhythm and timing. But depending on your aspirations, you may want to use it wisely and not become totally dependent on it for all your playing. At the end of Grade 1, one of the completion criteria is to play 5 songs from memory (singing optional). Several people have recounted how following the App and its format didn’t help them when it came to learning to play songs from memory. For that being able to see the song structure and chord progressions was more helpful.

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welcome Colin. Great to have you here.

@sclay and @DavidP have pretty much summed it all up. All I would add is that the app only covers grades 1 and 2 at present. Although the user interface on the app is good for the practice modules it does miss out on things in the practice routines and is limited to the applied set routines. I recall Justin saying “practice what you can’t do very well and not what you can do very well”. This is where the website’s My Practice Assistant comes into its own as you can modify the practice routines to suit your own needs. And as David mentions although the app is great for playing along with it does not help you learn songs. So worth checking out Justin’s song lessons for the songs you are learning. You can filter them by grade and chords etc, pick the song , learn the song structure, chord progressions and strumming pattern, then play along with the song app to perfect your rhythm. Enjoy the course and community.