Still got painful fingers

After 4 months of trying , 45mins a day, my fingers are still very painful, they have hardened up on tips but still painful, tried reducing practice but still the same, putting me off a bit now, but want to carry on.

Carry in! They will ease up in another couple more months. You are close!

What are you playing Eric? I got some extra light strings for the acoustic because these are tighter than on the electric. I don’t go too light on the electric though, otherwise I tend to bend the strings out of tune.

What guitar are you playing? Getting it set up properly will
make a big difference in playability also you’re probably pressing
a lot harder than you need to. You only need enough pressure
to make the strings ring out.


What @stitch posted is very true. I had a lot of finger pain for the first 6 months or so. Then I had my guitar professionally set up. The set up correction was not a huge change but it made a noticeable difference. I still experience mild pain 2 years in if I press to hard. For me developing a lighter touch takes a lot of practice and concentration. The lighter touch not only helps my fingers, it also results in cleaner tones from the guitar.
Replace the strangle hold with a soft caress. It will make a world of difference! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks will take on board your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

Just got an acoustic, been playing classical & electric

Have to say, a set up is key. I didn’t know I needed too, and put it down for 20 years. After, arguing with that poor instrument for 20 years. I’m stubborn and cheap. Right as rain now, but I do grip too tight on occasion.
Best of luck, everyone finds different ways to the same destination. - Scott

Acoustics are far harder on the fingers than electrics.
As pointed out above, I would get some lighter strings and have it set up if necessary.
Gripping lightly is something I have been working on myself - it is really easy to strangle the neck of the guitar whilst fretting a string, so practising to find what is the lightest touch needed to get a note is something I work on.


Apply Rubbing Alcohol To Your Fingertips Regularly

This work for me, try try?

I experience ring and pinky pain when holding the G chord for the “Wish you were hear” RIF. I find my self doing it first in practice before those fingers hurt to the point that the pain ruins the rest of the practice. Ring and pinky are throbbing if I practice that RIF to long,

Me too, and I have been playing it for over a year. Calluses are doing better now, and much less pain, but if I am stuck on those strings for repetitive practice it becomes annoying.

I am playing on acoustic and find thicker strings helps. 11s or lower suck (IMO).