(still) Losing my Religion

I learned a lot while trying to get to grips with this song but was left very unsatisfied with my last progress documentation.
I’ve been messing around with simple finger picking arpeggios for the last couple of weeks and decided to take my new toy fx pedal for a spin today.
There’s still a lot of work to be done, but I feel more comfortable with this. I find it very difficult to maintain concentration fingerpicking for any length of time. Sigh.
Happy? No.
Happier? Yes
(Disclaimer: Many takes were harmed in the filming of this.
If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this post, please contact one of the moderators who can sort out pretty much anything)


Hi Brain, The sound quality is not very good & the guitar does not come through very well, but as far as I can see, you are playing a 6/8 arpeggio! (rather slowly). The original is in 4/4 timing and a bit faster. I think that this song should be played with a suitable strumming pattern. (See Ultimate Guitar for suggested strum patterns.) If you really want to finger pick, then you need a 4/4 pick so you can emphasize the base. Try Thumb , Index , Middle & Ring , Index as a basic 4/4 pick, but vary it as the song dictates, such as missing out the Index . e.g. Beat 1: Thumb…Beat 3: Middle & Ring…Beat 5: Thumb…Beat 6: Index …Beat 7: Middle & Ring…Beat 8: Index

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Brain making it your own again and the audio levels were fine here in La Manche ! And I a sure you did not intend this to be another clone, well done sir ! Take em shake em and see what comes out. The geetar was sounding sweet so the POD is doing its job. I assume a factory preset ? Or at least one set up be the previous owner. Interested to hear what that was as I having been adding shed loads of 3rd party Presets to my Go.

As to the performance, you were singing and fingering !! Respect !! One day the Madman will follow in your footsteps. Loved it but some folks won’t get it. But who wants to churn out another boring copy. Go Wirral.


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Brian, you’ve created your own version of the song here and well done you. You’ve not attempted a copy of the original but you’ve put your own spin on the song with timing and vocal phrasing and I thought it sounded great. The problem with playing such a well known song (as you very well know :wink:) is the inevitable comparison in the listeners ear. I suspect @clewless thought you wanted to recreate the original hence his comments.

I enjoyed your guitar play. The bass runs, finger picking, the strum pattern worked.
As for the sound/tone from your fancy new pedal, to my ear it sounded ‘natural’ not contrived at all, so in my book that’s a good thing. Not a load of fx just for the sake of it.

I think even Yorick was smiling at that one too! :smiley:


Hello Brian,
Don’t ask me why but first I read the commentary below and then I listened and was sitting ready and sharping the tongue …but I thought it was a wonderful performance that I enjoyed very much. :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

You Brian Larsterd it :smiley: (??? no that sounds weird :laughing:)…
Get the hitches out, but that fingerpicking ,the sound and the singing LET THAT IN :smiley:…I like it all very much, but then part 3 is going to be great and worthy of a big stage :sunglasses:

I’ve been working on this song myself for the past 2 days (again) in the way Justin learns the most difficult version…if I ever start singing, that’s the last song I’ll try with that guitar work and take his tip to do it differently… He would be proud of you :smiley: :sunglasses:

Greetings ,
and good luck to me ( :smile:) with the terrible heat that especially the Netherlands will get (that won’t be much playing for me)

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We need to sort you out you old vagabond you!


Brian! Seems like you and me have a thing about butchering this song :rofl::rofl::rofl: i loved your take on it! Made me smile and made me want to listen all the way through.
Sound from guitar sounds fine by me. Your vocals are ace as normal.
Really liked the tempo changes you had, spiced it up and it never became boring to listen to.
Well done Brian destroying one of the biggest icons from the 90ies :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Edit: is that scull behind you real??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Edit, Edit: 2nd listen… i really like the guitar sound that you get out of your magic box… really fitted this particular song. Another positiv thing is that i liked it even more after 2nd listen… that have to count for something :grin:

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Enjoyed that a lot, you made a well known song that I’ve heard a million times feel brand new. Great stuff :v:


@clewless Thank you Richard for not only taking the time to listen, but also to offer honest and constructive criticism, complete with suggestions :smiley:
I was very aware of the fact that the less confident I am with my technique, the more ‘tentatively’ I pluck the strings (to the extent that I had to increase the pedal volume on the verses setting). I also miss out the occasional notes, which is probably what you’re referring to regarding the 4/4 vs 6/8 comment. I did attempt this with the 4/4 strumming pattern Justin teaches, as well as a number of different variations, and whilst that was very ‘educational’, I was unhappy with the result and felt it was just not me.
Thank you also for the suggested picking pattern- I’ll definitely give that a go. I learned an initial one that Justin teaches, but tend to just run up and down the strings left to my own devices (Here I used thumb for alternating bass strings then index, middle, index // ring, mid, index, middle)
Kudos for picking up the principle issue that I was struggling with (“Happy? No”) :smiley:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner and @sairfingers , I’ll lump my good friends together on this, as you both shine the spotlight on the “Happy? Yes” qualities of my offering. Thank you :smiley:
The temptation with the new toy would be to dial in exotic tones, but I thought I’d try to get just a ‘normal’ guitar sound. I downloaded a strat acoustic setting (mainly just equalizer tweaks) and then twiddled with that a bit, adding some reverb and delay for the verses.
The more I mess with it the more I realise I’ll only ever scratch the surface of it’s capabilities. I do hope it will encourage me to explore what all the different parameters do though.

@roger_holland Sharpening your tongue indeed! I’m looking forward to the day when there’s nothing left to sharpen and blessed silence will return to this happy house… :rofl:
But thank you for your vote of confidence. I’m pretty sure I will return to this again, as I like the song, but hopefully not for a good while. I doubt you’ll ever see me playing it (or anything else!) on a big stage :scream:
Being able to force my way into Justin’s consciousness was enough fame for me- I don’t need him to be proud :wink:
Yes, good luck with the heat. We’ve been having a splendid sunny period ourselves.
Share your version when you’re ready :kissing_heart:

@richard Vagabonds indeed :laughing:
Cheers for sending me down memory lane. Superb song with fab fiddle by Ed Alleyne-Johnson who I’ve seen busking a number of times in Chester :smiley:

@trond You Sir, are probably more responsible for this version than you might realise.
When I was rethinking how I should approach this in a different way, I remembered a strange Scandinavian bursting onto the scene with his outrageous understated fingerpicking version (with no regard for timing :laughing:), which is the AVOYP with the most ‘likes’ in the Community (Well, it is since this morning, as I gave it one more, which bumps @sclay off the pedestal. Sorry, Shane :rofl:)
I thought I’d borrow a pinch of that magic and take some liberties with the melody as well.
One of the great strengths of this place is how we influence those around us, even when we’re unaware of it.
Mange tak!
(I was too stingy to shell out for a real skull. I’d love one :smiley:)

@Chazzo78 Cheers Lee. Much appreciated :smiley:


Loved this, Brian! Great song, I prefer your version, brilliant!
Enjoyed listening to it (replayed twice) :smiley:
Also, reading your posts always make me laugh… love your humour :laughing: :laughing:

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Warms my heart to read that you took some inspiration from my butchering :rofl:


Edit: is it the most seen Avoyp on the forum???
That is ridiculous thinking about how many insane skilled musicians there is on this forum… that is pretty unfair to those that actually can play… where do you see those numbers?

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@JasmineJ Awww, thanks Jax. What a lovely thing to say :smiley:
I would find it impossible to try to disentangle which gives me more enjoyment- learning guitar or sharing my journey with this bunch of weirdos :rofl:

@tRONd Well you started it!

I guess we’ll have to roshambo to see who wins… :wink:

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I’ll pay you a shovel :innocent:


Not the most seen.
The one with the most likes :smiley:
Hamburger menu, Top, All Time (drop down menu)
Trond 48 :heart:
Shane 47 :heart:
You deserve it, but as I said, your timing sux :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Aha… have to play with that then…

Timing sux??? Did not get it, english is not my 1st language :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hey Brian,

Happier? Yes
Progress? Yes
Making it your own? Yes
Did you learn from it? Yes

Seems like you ticked a lot of boxes. Kudos to you.


Be careful.
The last time I played there, I decided to go cold turkey with posting, as I had created the most topics except for the Mad One (and that includes all the OM ones).
Du suger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you James :smiley:
Why does that remind me of this? :laughing:

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Hahahahaha!! you really brighten up my day Mr.Larsen :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Edit: liked shanes WYWH so no we are equal :grin:

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Snap! I’ve said it before elsewhere on the forum, but I doubt I’d have stuck with the ‘programme’ had it not been for the support, camaraderie and banter from my Community pals. (You all know who you are :smiley:).


Hi Brian, Nothing wrong with trying to put your own interpretation on a well known song. Joe Cocker took the Beatles ‘With a Little help from my Friends’ and lifted it way above the original version. We all have our own ways of learning; my way is to learn the song generally as the original and then try and put my own stamp on it. I fully accept that this may not suit everyone. I still think you are using a 6/8 arpeggio pick. I slowed down the video and in places you are definitely picking Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring, Middle, Index. That’s 6/8 in my book. The basic 4/4 pick I suggested , I learnt years ago. I call it the “Ripple” pick. It is quite versatile, you can miss out fingers to suit the rhythm, but the thumb base usually remains constant. You can also add an additional Ring, Middle, to make it 6/8.