(still) Losing my Religion

Jumping on the train to say I thoroughly enjoyed that too, Brian! :smiley: :+1: And have especially enjoyed seeing/hearing how this song has progressed under your fingers. I’m a fan of this (even more) melancholic interpretation. Keep it evolving my friend! :metal:

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@nzmetal Cheers mate. Much appreciated, but this one is being put to bed for a while now :wink:
Hey you should pop over and sign up for Justin’s YouTube open mic if you’re around next month. You’d be fab! :smiley:

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Thanks Brian

Not so much doubts, I am at peace with my realistic view of my musicianship, where it may go, and (with great satisfaction) how far it has come. This was more just general energy and enthusiasm, not influenced by guitar at all.

Loved it … bring on more ant music

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So you once was found but now you’re lost? Twice!
I suppose you know where to find it again. :slight_smile:

Nice dynamics and good on you for stretching your playing a bit with fingerstyle. I like the down stab at 3:27, not sure that I noticed that elsewhere. Good on you!

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:rofl: Thanks mate, really appreciate that! :blush: Hmmm give the Rod Hetfield look another spin you reckon? I wonder how that would go down with Justin’s thousands of online disciples? :thinking: :sweat_smile: Not sure my nerves are quite up for that level of stress yet :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::rofl:


Yes please do attend! With your stage routine it’s a great ice breaker and would make the night spectacular! And if you are nervous then no harm in playing one of the songs you already had in the past :slight_smile:

Brian sorry watched your rendition but hadn’t found time to put some words to paper - a very interesting take and kudos for verging into fingerpicking, definitely you are moving up the ladder with all those new fancy tricks in your sleeve! Hey soon perhaps an impro to a backing track then? One can hope :grinning: all the best!


Sounded great Brian.

Question. How do you do when you’re not recording or distracted? I.e. Not focusing on what you’re actually trying to achieve?

I only ask because I often play great when I’m just messing about.

Disclaimer: play great to my ear.

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Lol! Your very kind Adi :blush: I’ll give it consideration… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:
Now, back to Mr Larsen… What’s next on your list sir? I’m sure you’ll be cooking up something grandiose with that new toy of yours eh?! Willing to feed us any crumbs of what you might have planned, given this one is going back on the shelf? :thinking::wink::+1:

Oh dear, sorry to hear that. Hope the bounce back is imminent :smiley:

Careful with ant references when the Dutchman is around.
Formication, the sensation of ants crawling on your skin, is easily confused with that similar sounding word he is so fond of… :wink:

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Oscar Wilde might say I was being careless… :rofl:
Wasn’t sure whether ‘the stab’ should be there, but I had those ‘steely knives’… :wink:
Thanks man.

@nzmetal It’s all in your head, dude. The process is exactly the same. You get your guitar (and wig if you like) and you play what you practiced to a microphone and camera in your own space by yourself. If you’re not sure folk will like it, I suggest you go back and reread the comments after your previous performances. Don’t do it if you don’t feel like it, but not because you’re ‘not ready’ :wink:

@adi_mrok Cheers for the kind words Ade. It’s always good to venture a little out of the comfort zone. Never say never (regarding impro), but don’t hold your breath :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I suffer the same red light syndrome as most folk :roll_eyes:
I rarely can play the whole song through without any flubs, but when practicing, I just continue and many mistakes would hardly be noticeable (possibly even endearing? :thinking:). When recording it’s a case of. Stop. Repeat. Stop. Repeat…
Me: “Arghhh! Stupid brain, do not do that again!”
My brain: “Hold my beer” :sunglasses:


I know, right?! So crazy! Stoopid brains! :exploding_head: :rofl:

:joy::joy::joy:Exactly! As above! :wink::rofl:

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That was a great take on the song Brian and well done on fingerpicking and singing, it’s not the easiest.

Your new toy sounds good as well. I hope you are pleased with it so far.

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Cheers, Stefan :smiley:
Are you still on that distorted road to hell or are you going to give us a gentle song with dulcet vocals soon? :smiley:

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I came off at the next junction Brian and although I’m working on another rock monster, I’m also meandering down a country lane with some vocals to be included. :smiley:

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Saw this one pop up on the tubes, it’s been a busy week so didn’t listen until now.

I enjoyed it, your own take. I like how your new focusing on playing and building skills thing is going, you’re getting noticeably better quite quickly. And for all you say about not practicing…. You’re clearly practicing.

Tone was good too. Now that you care about tone :wink:.

And FWIW, I heard your picking pattern as 4/4 and I usually have a pretty good ear for time signature.

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@jkahn Cheers mate :smiley:
I’m of the same mindset as David regarding progress- slow and steady wins the race… eventually :laughing:
I’ve been enjoyed my detour been drifting back to my old habits of late. Nothing like finding a new song you want to learn and get just enough of it under your fingers to make it recognisable.
You are the time-rock!

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Hey Brian,
It would look to me you are strumming or fingerpicking between the pups! Wow, I guess it would be hard to fingerpick further up the neck? LOL

Sounds pretty good, classic style you empart and all! I enjoyed it and look forward to more down the road mate!

All the best and be well,

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Thank you kindly for dropping in again, Brother. Always good to hear from you and I’m glad you enjoyed it :smiley:

Always keen to learn, I don’t quite get this, Edge of my hand resting just in front of the bridge. Is that not where it’s supposed to be? If not where (and why?) :smiley:

Yeah, your position to me is spot on. I was referring to a prior video/song where you were playing about a third of the way up the neck…

All the best and strum on!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: