Still struggling with the A Chord

I am using the finger pattern Justin suggested. Of about 8 chords I have down, it is still a struggle mainly because of finger spacing

My clumsy fingers struggled to fit so now i use the one finger version–works fine for my level of playing. Might find it easier.
Edit—still practice the fingered version though


When playing open chords I use 2 fingers for the A. I have regular size hands(not big) and can cover the D & G string with one finger, usually the middle finger and play the B string with my ring finger.
Try it that way it may or may not work for you. I know it mess people up when I’m jammin’ with them until they get used to seeing how I play it.

When playing Barre chords and an Open A I use one finger like Tom suggested.

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I abandoned Justin’s grip for the same reason and am currently using 2-3-4. It has its pros and cons, too, but I like it better.

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try the other form with 2 3 4


Use one finger. It sure is difficult at the beginning but there is nothing investing a few practice minutes a day can’t fix.

Justin’s version has the big advantage of being the one that gives you a single anchor finger on one string if playing a song that consists of A E and D. Otherwise, or with other chord sequences you lose that advantage so if it’s not working for you don’t worry about it.

It worked very very well for me in my early days and there are still a few songs where it works (not because of the anchor finger) but I’ve moved to the one finger mini barre chord A for almost all usages of A.

As justin often says, there are no rules, so take his version of the A as a great suggestion where it’s applicable and if it doesn’t work for you don’t lose any sleep over changing to what does work.


Interesting @stitch. I’d never tried your 2 finger open A (sort of a reverse micro-barre). It actually works well for me with middle and ring finger. I tend to use Justin’s version, but use a middle finger barre if I’m making fast chord changes. Now I have yours to toss in the salad. :leafy_green: :tomato: :tomato: :bell_pepper:

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Keep going Timmy…sometimes I think it’s just crazy how much time I need with guitar to be able to say “I’m finally nailing this or that properly” …but it’s all worth it!