Stomp box for beginner

I’m looking to add some Percussion to my performance via a stomp box. Does anyone have any suggested brands, styles, or tips on what to look for when shopping?

There a few obvious ones to check out. Digitech Trio+ will give you bass and drum backing track based on what you strum (and includes a looper), There is also SDRUM by Digitech which is similar but just drums, Beat Buddy will give you drum tracks. Also quite a few of the more expensive loopers (Boss in particular springs to mind) provide a number of drum loops as well. Worth looking at YouTube for what these can do.

Hi @Simon500 and welcome to the community.

I’m wondering if you mean one of these:

I can’t give any specific recommendations, but the Meinl stuff is generally good.



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Thanks for posting that Keith. I hadn’t seen those before. They look interesting.

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Thanks @Majik I should of been more specific. Yes I was after some recommendation on wooden foot stomp boxes. I will check these out.