Storm (The O'Collective)

I got to contribute some guitar work for a friend’s kinda moody piece.

He’s got more lined up, so this will hopefully be an on-going thing.


That was the most enjoyable all-round production I think I’ve come across on this site.
Loved the atmosphere, melody, fx, vocals, performance and arty video.
You had some very tasty guitar parts in there.
Really looking forward to checking out more of your stuff :smiley:

That was really cool David.
I like that you subtly and tastefully added your thing.

Love to hear more.

Great stuff, David! :clap:

This is an impressive, grown-up and kind of very professional production. Very enjoyable to listen and watch. Could be running on any music-video broadcasting plattform and one would assume, your part of the industry for quite a while! :+1:

You seemed so relaxed in the vid, enjoying yourself. Some nice guitar parts on top - very cool thing! :smiley:

Also looking forward for more!

That was a lot of fun David. Very nice production!

What a wonderful production David! Very, very entertaining and enjoyable listen!!! Love the presentation!!! I’m also very interested in the guitars you used… Ibanez Hollow Body? What was the reddish one? Very cool, laid back & relaxed number! Great harmonics! Hope to see more by The O’Collective in the future!!!
Bravo!!! :+1:t2:

You pretty much nailed the first one: it’s an Ibanez Artcore Expressionist semi-hollow in zebrawood. I love natural woods, and that one called to me. It’s pretty much my current #1. I’ve got one more guitar than spaces in the rack, so whatever’s in the one-off guitar stand at the moment is my current #1. :smiley:

The other is a Brian May Guitars BMG Special. I’ve long admired Brian’s unique instrument and finally indulged in the commercial version they offer. I’ll never sound like Brian May, but I’m glad I sprang for this. It’s notably different from anything else I own.

In truth, I think I only used the BMG in the video; all of the guitar sounds in the track where the Ibanez, tracked through my Katana 50 Mk II direct into Tracktion Waveform (my friend uses Pro Tools, I just send him WAV files). There’s another in the pipeline were I used the BMG for the solo.

Hi David and Jim,

Great opening - so much tension and mood.
Continues well throughout the song - slightly dark and brooding.
Brill guitar tone.
Hats of to the vocalist - has a distinct sound which lends itself to this song very well.
Great delivery.

Top job.


That was very cool David. Great guitar playing and I loved the whole production.

Thanks, everyone, for the supportive comments. This 60+ y.o. bedroom studio dabbler never envisioned being in a music video. I guess it’s good that Jim (a boyhood friend) had more confidence in me. It was fun and I’m looking forward to doing more of it.