Strange change tips for winding on new strings

I can recommend two tips that help all guitars, especially with new strings.

  1. Use a luthier’s knot at the tuning pegs when you restring. (Youtube) Greatly reduces string slippage at the pegs. Less frequent tuning.
  2. String Stretcha from StewMac for about $14 US. Use it after restringing. I run it down each string twice, except for the e and b, I just run them once. Stretches the new strings so you don’t have to. Back in service in minutes and stays in tune longer. I use it for 6 and 12 strings, just be careful with the 12’s that you don’t break the adjoining paired string. Stretch them individually.

Luthiers knot. Interesting to know. Thanks. I will try that for the 12 string. My six string guitars all stay in tune . I think that Sometimes if you buy too cheap the tuning is an issue. If I ever run into that though for 6 string I will certainly use that technique. I think the string quality and specs for the nut are factors too. Have a great day.

@SDKissFan Don’t bother with a Luthiers Knot, the Martin technique or the over under technique They are a waste of your time both when putting new string on and taking old off. Machine heads are concave and self locking, even the machine heads on my 1947 Gibson has concave tuning pegs.

Just slide the string though the hole leave enough slack for 3 rap above the sting and that will hold any string. Been doing it that way for over 40 years and never had a string slip on a tuning peg.
Just like this

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Thanks for the tip!