Strange fault code when logging in!

I’ve been getting this fault code coming up for the past few days; no idea why!
Browser Duck Duck go; on iOS 15.4.1; iPhone Xr

Thanks for the feedback Darrell.

Do you still gain access?

I have seen the same pop-up but the login page does present and I am able to login.

No problems logging in, it may be to a combination of secure browser, vpn and my phone being properly locked down.

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That makes sense, Darrell. I don’t recall seeing it on my home PC, rather just on my work laptop, which also has lots of security applied to it.

I had the forum bookmarked and was getting that code, when I log onto the website and onto the forum from there I don’t get it so I deleted the bookmark and log in from the site now.

I get a similar message pop up when doing searches on the justinguitar website on google chrome browser on both phone and PC.

I’ll raise this with the Team, thanks all

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@DarrellW @stitch @Socio

A ticket was raised with the team and this morning I logged in and didn’t see the message. So either they resolved something or something changed my side, never can tell and I am not on the system used by the team to track tickets.

Please confirm if the same is true for you.



Yep, fixed for me :+1::+1::+1:

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I haven’t had this message since I deleted the bookmark to the community and log in through the website.

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Yep, fixed for me too

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