Strat-a-Blaster Mixo-Jam & Clambake

Big three day weekend ahead and a new 5W tube amp that needs breaking in. Fetch the royal strat, pedal board (loaded with a Rat clone, delay and reverb) and lay down some scratchy jams.


Hi Clint,
Those were some nice sounds to start my musical day :sunglasses: :clap:…although it will be a very short musical day…the weather is beautiful and the garden beckons…so I guess you are the only one today… :smiley:
Have a super weekend,
Greetings… :sunny:

Interesting sounds Clint, nice ambience to it!
Reminded me a bit of something from Easy Rider that the name of the track defeats me, good to see you back in the saddle again!
I so like the sounds from a Rat fuzz pedal, sounds like a decent clone! Leaves me wondering what a decent fuzz pedal would sound like on Bass, along with a few other pedals :smiling_imp:

Very nice Clint - you’re in the zone there!

Happy new -5W-Tube-Amp-Day, Sir :smiley:
Sounds like… reminds me of… :thinking:
Clint! :sunglasses:

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.

A lot going on in the garden here. Our weather has been pleasant lately so very nice getting out in the fresh air and picking the fruits, veg and mowing the grass.

The title just spells out that I’m jamming with my Strat over a Mixolydian progression and I left a few juicy clams in there. :slight_smile:

The Mosky Black Rat pedal is becoming my “go to” distortion pedal for rock and blues. Unbelievable range of tone possibilities in a super affordable mini pedal. Apparently Chris Novoselic bassist from Nirvana used the original ProCo Rat a lot. I’ve been on such an acoustic bender that it felt good to push some air with an electric.

Those Quist backing tracks are a cut above for working through progressions, scales and general improvisation. Give them a try.

Yeah, the little Monoprice 5W went on sale recently so I had to pull the trigger. Such a nice pedal platform without peeling the paint.

Yes the guitar can change but the playa’s style doesn’t change that much! LOL

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Cool sounds :sunglasses: very trippy and laid back :v:

Lovely tone, and beautiful guitar playing!
Stay well, and congratulation!

Good to see ya around Clint!

NGD - 5w… sounds pretty good. I never could get my amps to sound good and I have some good amps. But then, I can’t blast them out like they need to be to get a good tone.

I like it… Hope you are doing well and keep up the good stuff! Do look around as the sub forums or rooms now have offerings you might be into!

All the best,

Thank you sir!

I appreciate the comment.

Yeah, I’m liking the little 5W:

Doing well. Cutting way back on online activity. So many other things going on. Spending most of my guitar time with songwriting lately, but still like to break out a jam here and there.

Thanks for the listen and comment!

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That was very cool, Clint. Loving the sound and the vibe. Though I do feel that I should have maybe sparked up a fat one whilst listening. :wink:

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Nice! Thanks for that. Live your best life my Brotha. :smoking:

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