Stratocaster upgrade

Hi I have a 2003 fender Stratocaster MiM with a floating tremolo and thinking about putting fender locking tuners on it. Any one have suggestions with this?

Hi @Jwaters

My experience with locking tuners is with a PRS.

They do not help with tuning stability unless you fail to have enough wraps on tuners to hold the string in place.

Replacement is faster because you only need to screw down the tuner and tighten. Not really a lot of time saved if you don’t mind turning the tuner a few times.

If you change strings often or need to change fast between sets on stage, then worth doing. otherwise, not a big benefit.

I have lockers on my electric, not on my acoustic. The lockers make changing strings easier because you don’t have to worry about the string popping out of the hole in the post as you start to wind them, particularly on the high E string. Otherwise, once the strings are on and the guitar tuned, no difference.

Thanks to all that replied so I went and bought them so I think I will do it just as an upgrade and easy string change.