Striking out alone

Thx John, So happy you enjoyed. From pic, wish I had a partner in life, too.

You’ve probably listened to Collective Soul and their song “Shine.” So I had not heard it for years.
In minutes one day, I play this track. Days later, I hear “Shine” on the car radio and know.

Anyway, I very much appreciate your words because I need confidence. Sweet _R

Oh yes. Really nice melody and tone. Like the modesty too… “just knocked this together”….it’s that easy!!

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I really enjoyed that, Robert. For me it ticked all the boxes that you were wanting it to. Very nice.

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Sarg, thanks for the vote along with Knee_Wobbler because you vocalized/stated words of confidence. Your reaction brings a performer up! Good or bad, a wordof critique tunes our direction. And it counts. _R

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