String action -barring v chords?

So with my new guitar I immediately found barre chords lots easier, like I’m a god :wink:

But bending :frowning: , where a full bend was previously fairly straight forward now it feels at my limit. I notice it’s because on my old guitar the action seems higher so easier to not to let the strings slide under my fingers.

So it seems there is a sweet spot where the action is most comfortable for the chords and the baring? I always thought low action made everything easier. I guess I’ll stick with what I have and hope the bending gets comfortable else I guess it will need a set-up?

What scale length and radius are your guitars? Smaller radius makes barre chords easier. Bigger radius and shorter scales makes bends easier.

@stitch Both guitars are same scale length but pacifica has 13.75 neck radius whilst strat is 10 so this is likely the reason?