String choice for an Ovation Applause

I have had my Ovation Applause for a few years now, I kinda want to love it but struggle with the sound sometimes, it seems particularly sensitive to string choice which is not helped by the fact that I prefer to use lighter strings to make it more playable. The latest set I have fitted are D’Addario phosphor bronze 10’s (low E is therefore .047). I can live without the sound being as full and punchy as it could be, but the Low E and A have a really weird ‘ring’ to them, they sound a bit like a piano, kinda metallic and shimmering, difficult to explain. Question is, does anyone have experience with Ovation’s and if so what strings have you found best?

Cheers muchly!

Last string change I did on my Ovation were Elixir 11’s 80/20 nanoweb. I think I’ll go back to 80/20 12’s on the next change.

I use d’Addario EXP-11s (80/20s) on my elite Copy, they’re pretty decent to me.