String cleaner

Anyone here use a string cleaner on their acoustic guitars? If so, have you experienced any damage to fretboard or neck? Any drawbacks or suggestions for a brand or type?
(Yes, I wah my hands before I play):grin:

I did, Dunlop Formula 65, it comes sometimes handy in the summer when hands get sweaty and there is a lot of friction on the strings. I haven’t noticed any damage.

If you use a string cleaner too much you might wipe the tone away! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: j/k

I don’t use string cleaner personally, seems like a product created to make a market.


I use a product called Finger Ease, which has been on the market for over 50 years. An oldtimer put me onto it, and I use it regularly. Terrific and perfectly safe product which does make a significant difference in my experience over 2 years using it. Just a quick light spray and a few rubs with a microfubre cloth. I use it on my acoustic, plus electrics, with rosewood and maple boards. Really gives a slick, clean feel to my strings. Never had a problem with it.
I’ve purposely not used it for a few days, and the difference is very marked.
Great for spraying on the neck too for a very slick feel. Its about $10 AUS a can, and I’m still on my first can.
Many people bag out products like cleaners, and probably with some justification in some cases. For me though, this stuff is a staple item.

Cheers, Shane

I just whipe my strings with a microfiber cloth that is also used for cleaning glasses… I wrap it under my string and go from top to bottom on each string. After that i whipe them all in the width of the neck from top to bottom. You’d be supprised howmuch dirt collects under your strings.

I am always curious about this. I have bought several used guitars and often they have quite a bit of grunge on the fretboard. Strings occasionally are pretty grim. They all get a deep clean and string change when I get them.

But mine seem not to build up anything. Maybe because I keep getting newer guitars? Maybe I don’t play enough, or play out in sweaty environments? Maybe just not enough years without cleaning?

I play with clean hands, but that is all I do.

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I clean my fretboard with a product called Dr. Ducks guitar wax. Cleans and rejuvenates the fretboard nicely. I recall on last string change I wiped the new strings with this stuff. Perhaps thats causing the problem. Ill try the string cleaner SClay is using and see if it makes a difference. In the future I wont wipe my new strings with anything. Live and learn I guess.

Waxes and polishes are not for cleaning they are for polishing. If you use a wax or polish to clean your guitar you are doing more harm than good. Clean your guitar first and if your guitar has a maple fret board you don’t use oils or waxes on it.

Read the label on what ever product your using, Fast Fret clearly say not to get it on the fret board. How know idea what Finger Ease says about getting it on the fret board.

I agree with JK these products are a solution looking for a problem.