String height/Action

I did use for modules 1 through 8… :thinking:

Though collecting the Tele on Saurday if not raining as will need to go by train with maybe a 3 mile walk after losing driving licence on medical grounds…

Yeah but look what it’s done to his guitar. :wink:


No Stefan, he played with long nails a bit sloppy rhythm guitar I think :see_no_evil:

Oooo if only he were still here :cry:



Comparison between the Tele at nut approx .5mm and fret 12 around 1.5 or 1.75. To the LP at 1.75 at nut and about 2mm at fret 12

When measuring action at the nut you usually press down at the 2nd fret and want about 5 thousandths measured with a feeler gauge at the first fret.

Yup, the LP needs some nut work for sure!

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In the first pic you posted, seems like it’s the tele, have the fret actually lifted?
They don’t seem to be flush with the fretboard viewing from the side.

As far as I can see, no they have not lifted, but may be the chamfering of the edge of the fretboard, maybe a very small gap under the very end of the fret and the lighting…:smile:.
No sharp edges…

Sometimes photographs can be deceptive!
It didn’t hurt that you checked though and apologies if I got you worried!

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