Strings not being amplified

I have an Epiphone 335 replica with bridge and neck humbucking pick-ups, and I am wondering why the B & G strings are not sounding through the amplifier, on both pick-ups? No issue with the amp’, cables, etc. as I have played another guitar through the set-up.

Pickups generate electric signal that is induced by the strings vibrating in the pickups magnetic field.

So it could be:

  • Wrong strings / strings not ferromagnetic - try replacing them with a new set of electric guitar strings.
  • Pickup height is too low to induce a signal, or action on these strings is too high - raise pickup and / or lower action.
  • Faulty pickups, where those poles are either disconnected from the circuit or not magnetised.

Perhaps could be something else? Someone with more knowledge might know. I’d start with those though.


My guess would be a faulty pickup or strings action too high. I would start trying to see if action is much different to other strings, then if it is trying to move it closer to pickups. If that doesn’t help what begs a question is why both pickups are having same issues? Could be anything really so I guess eliminating issues one by one is your best bet.