Struggling with thumb position for c chord

My thumb cant be straight or towards mid-high of the neck it always goes at an angle and hangs towards the lower end of the neck.

What am I doing wrong? If I keep the thumb straight and higher I just can’t reach the the string with my ring finger.

Might seem weird but - try taking your watch off. It will impact your finger dexterity.

The other thing is your fretting fingers look very straight up, try fretting the C with your fingers at more of an angle, so they’re slightly laying down on each other.

Getting the thumb in the right position now will help you later.

So I was trying more after this post and I did take off my watch.

This is where I am currently and trying to pick up chord changes at this position. Any feedback?


Looks pretty good to me.

Where is your elbow?

I notice when I bring my elbow close to my ribs, my thumb tends to go towards the headstock.

A picture taken from the front and side that shows your whole arm might be helpful.

Also, I notice my thumb ends up behind my middle finger, which sort of “balances” the pressure from the 3 fingers on the fretboard.

Are you able to get all the strings ringing out, without applying a lot of pressure? If so, your thumb position is probably ok.