Strum pattern

On let it be by the Beatles on Justin’s site shows 4 down strums per beat but it doesn’t sound right. Has anyone done this song and what patters have you tried?

To keep it simple, you could try playing 8th notes with all downstrums. Play the beats as full chords with a harder attack, and the ‘ands’ a bit softer on the thickest strings only.

1 (hard) + (soft) 2 (hard) + (soft) 3 (hard) + (soft) 4 (hard) + (soft)

That’s pretty much what the piano does on the original recording and it has more groove than only downstrums on each beat.


Thanks will try that

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I use this strumming pattern:

D DU D DU…it’s a slow mellow feeling and needs to develop and add more strums as the song grows. Hope it helps…