Strummin my new guitar

Just having fun with my new guitar, nothing in particular, some chord practice with the metronome. Please excuse the mistakes. This is my first video, so hopefully my recording skills will get better with time.


Lots to like in that video, Andy. Firstly it sounds good and the video is just fine. So no need to worry further about that.

Look at that B7 … not an easy chord. Chord shapes and changes going well.

Strumming smooth, foot tapping, metronome … there is the sense of timing and coordination developed through drumming coming to the fore.

Doing ever so well with the muted strumming.

Look forward to more from you, playing songs. Do you sing? Not an essential here if you don’t.

Oh just as I was about to send the reply there’s Heart of Gold, sounding great. And barre chords!

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Thanks for the comments and encouragement @DavidP. I don’t sing unfortunately, will post an update on heart of gold when it’s a bit better and I can play the whole song. Thanks.

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Congrats on the new guitar.
Sounds great!

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beautiful guitar, and it sounds great, Andy. Look forward to hearing more.

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Your new guitar sounds gorgeous Andy! All the technical feedback has already been given very accurately by David…so what else to say…it’s been an enjoyable video to watch and listen to, my eye was caught especially by your wrist which was relaxed while the forearm did its job, I wish mine were as well :see_no_evil: Thanks for sharing! :blush:

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Great video and congratulations on your first AVOYP posting too. Lots to like in it and it looks like you’re doing everything right.

David has covered all the technical stuff, so I’ll pinch one of his sayings, “keep on keeping on”

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