Strumminator app promo popup

I’ve just recommenced using the Justin Guitar app for android. A popup appeared with a title including “strumminator”. By the time I had just read it the pop up disappeared. I thought it was saying that suggested strumming patterns were shown for songs if you clicked a particular part of the screen while a song was playing. Is this only available on more advanced songs?

I did dind the strumming trainer, that is good. Perhaps I misunderstood what the popup was saying.

On the IOS version the option is reached by pressing the chord box at the top right before you start and play the song

Then select the strum tab


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Ah, I see. I did have it right then. I thought it was going to give te strum pattern on screen as hte song played, but it goes from the song to give sample of how the strum pattern should be played. Thanks.