Strumming advice

Need you advice on my strumming I have been working so hard on it. Tell me what’s wrong and maybe what I am doing ok on. Thanks in advance.


Hey Jeff, I thought you had good technique throughout the entire video. There was a bit at the end where you faltered just a bit but most of the time you were fluid, kept momentum, kept your arm moving. Pretty much no notes from me.

Jeff @Jwaters
I agree with @alexisduprey i didn’t see much wrong with that.
What stage are you at?

I just started level 2

Grade 2 I meant

Aha same as me I have just started Grade 2 as well.
Strumming was an issue for me and the new course certainly has helped.

I am just very hard on my self always wanting better.


That’s good though, just make sure you take the time out to appreciate how far you’ve come. You’re strumming is good!


Thanks for sharing this video!
In my opinion, strumming and the use of the Right hand (for right handers), is of prime importance in guitar playing.
This is where the heart and the soul of guitar music comes from.
Of course, being proficient in the chords and the melody from the string-fret is #1, the strumming-plucking gives the “emotion” of the sound, as one can change rhythm and feel from the right hand!
Your techniques is consistent, and solid.
The strumming stroke could be a bit too much distance, from my vantage, but looks great as well.
The ability to make cool rhythm and other percussive elements adds to the interesting factor of your music, and it can really be developed to your own sound as well!!!
This is a superb video and subject!
Keep on playing great music!!!

All the effort you’ve been putting in it is really showing in this video! I think you’re doing great :raised_hands::blush:

Thanks for all the kind words and advice everyone is too kind

Nothing wrong from where I am looking Jeff. Steady and consistent and your hand kept moving the entire time. Keep doing what you are doing!

Thanks for being kind

I tell you guys I was stressed to put this video on line. I can see on my face how stressed out I was. I don’t play in front of any one ever . I am a closet guitarist.

Looking and sounding pretty darn good. Maybe a little more wrist and a little less elbow?

Thanks I will work on that