Strumming at the beginning levels

I’m at at Module 5 in Grade 1. When I do my practice sessions and play along in the Songs apps with the various songs available I have changed the way I play the chords. Originally I would strum the chord to the beat and let my arm rest until the next chord came up. In the songs so far there is one or two chords per bar (ie. chord on one beat in a bar or 2 chords on 2 beats of the bar).

I do want to improve my strumming abilities and I have started to strum all 4 beats (touching the strings only once when the chord comes up) instead of just once. It probably looks a little funny and don’t imagine you would do this if playing in front of people, but it does seem to be helping me learn to strum so when I need to strum all 4 chords in a bar (4/4 bar) I’ll be ready.

Is this the right approach or should I be doing something different?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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It is absolutely the right approach.


You’re doing great! I believe that strumming on all 4 beats is essential early on (I’m not that far ahead of you), and is the basic foundation for some of the slightly more complicated patterns in the near future. Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll get there.

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I would suggest buying the strumming sos courses it helped me alot


YES! keepign the movement going in a continuous, even flow and only hitting strings when you need to is the key to consistent and well timed strumming.

Good to hear you switched!

It might look/feel funny for yourself at first but it looks very natural from the outsiders perspective.
You’ll see Justin do it in his video’s as well :wink:


Absolutely the right approach. I first started not doing the constant arm movements, thinking that was the way to do it, then rewatched a video about it and then asked the question somewhere about what the point of strumming was when you’re not actually hitting any strings and was told the reason will someday be obvious, and it was. I try to strum all the time now though it’s hard to remember to use my elbow and not my wrist.


I’m glad you asked the question as I was wondering the same thing thank you now I know the answer also👍
Ps I have already purchased the strumming sos course.

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