Strumming Dynamics

Has anyone tried the new Strumming Dynamics program yet?

I was thinking about getting it. But I am still thinking about it

Terry @Terryd913
Yes I have got a copy even though I am still on grade 1 as I was interested what it contained but there was couple of lessons that I wanted to view.

Dynamics is definitely a challenge for me, so I expect to get this course at some point. Soooo much to do and learn!

Please give me your thoughts once you try the new strumming dynamics course. Would be much appreciated.


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I got the first part of the course and I like it and think it helped me so far but like anything it’s all baby steps

Terry @Terryd913

Sorry about the delay in responding.

As said above still only on grade 1 but have only cherrypicked a couple of lessons that I needed for other reasons.

From my personal point of view Grade 2 Strumming Dynamics is well worth it.

I think you can get it with 30 day money back guarantee, so you can take a look for yourself.


It is still pretty new, so after a bit there will be more feedback. I just did strumming SOS, and although largely a repeat for me, it was helpful and if I gain one thing from it, it is to consolidate some of my basic strumming before moving to the dynamics course. I will probably start it next weekend.