Strumming feels awkward after changing pick grip

Not sure how to categorized this. When I strum chords I tend to hold the pick between my thumb and the pad of my index finger, and when I pick I usually switch to using the thumb and the side of my index finger which seems to be the most common pick grip. Recently I’ve been trying to change the way I hold the pick when strumming to thumb + side of index as well so I don’t have to alter my pick grip during songs with both strumming and single notes.

Overall I’m happy with how it turned out but up strumming now feels a bit awkward. The way I did up strum before was that I let my index and thumb separate a bit and also relax my first knuckle so the pick had a bit of room to wiggle a little. I also rotate my wrist slightly to help angle the pick up. The new way doesn’t feel as stable when I try to let it flex during an up strum, also it just feels a bit stiffer since the pick is now on the side of index instead of pad which kinda acted like a shock absorber.

I suppose the way I hold my pick now is actually the more common way and I quite like how it feels so I really want to make it work. If anyone also hold their pick like this I would really appreciate some advice on how to make up strum smoother. Thanks!

I feel like my description was terrible so I’ve attached two pictures showing how I hold the pick b4 vs now and how I did up strum before.


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I’m certainly no expert but all the lessons I’ve seen on pick holding indicate that you’d have been better to alter the other way. Your “strumming” grip is the more correct.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I do feel like strumming the old way is easier for me but when picking single notes I think it feels a bit “floppy” even if I choke up on the pick whereas with the 2nd grip the pick feels more stable without having to hold it tight and it also creates a slight angle. I’m trying to find a way that allows me to do both smoothly… guess I gotta experiment more.

Either grip is fine but I’d have half as much pick stucking our.
I personally don’t use a pick very often but when I do I use more of side of the finger grip. I feel it’s more stable when digging in to the strings

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That looks like quite a thick pick.

Have you tried thinner picks, which will flex some more?


Update: Thanks for the comments guys. I think my fingers just sort of “figured it out” after playing with the new pick grip for a while :smiley:

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