Strumming G chord

Not sure if this is the right place. I was looking at the songs Justin sent for Christmas. I noticed the G chord (recommened) You put your fingers on first and sixth string but it says not to strum 5th string. Do you pick the 6th string and strum strings 1-4?
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You mute the B on the A string. This lesson will explain it more


There will be songs where you do that, it’s also called boom chicka. Mostly you strum all 6 strings but as stitch says the A string is muted so it doesn’t ring out

By placing your finger on the 6th string you should be then able to almost naturally mute the 5th string with the same finger.

Thank You, I practised that and now I get it. figer one pushes the 6th string but also covers the 5th string so it doesnt have a sound.
I am still stuck on Beginner 1 and module 3 and 4. Just thought I would try something different. I can’t get the transitions fast enough yet.
Thank You!!!