Strumming louder -> playing faster?

So I’ve noticed this thing about my playing where, if I try to pick up the intensity and strum louder (usually going into a chorus) I also end up playing faster, without meaning to.

So then I have to consciously pull back on the speed while trying to keep up the volume. It feels kind of clumsy.

Doesn’t seem to be so much of problem when dropping down to a lower intensity.

Just curious whether this is one of those “oh yeah that happens to everybody” kind of deals.

:raising_hand_man: Same here.

I’m not a fan of the metronome (which probably explains the above) but find playing to a drum track helps.

Oh yeah that happens to me. Keeping steady tempo though out is hard.
With my acoustic if I hold pic light is is quiet. Grip tight and it is louder. This didn’t work on my old acoustic but it does on my new fender.

I do have this from time to time Brendan, my bigger issue is high tempo but low volume strumming, particularly on acoustic for some reason!

Not sure about “everybody” but it certainly happens to me. Learning to strum lightly has been so very worth it to me.

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Very, very common and happens to people across instruments. Everyone that learns drums has this issue too.

Solution is using a metronome a LOT. Practice how to add energy without speeding up.

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I think it might also depend on the song you’re playing. Sometimes strumming louder might not be the solution. Take this one as an exemple

When I first tried to learn it I soon gave it up because I was unable to reproduce the feeling of the chorus…was the speed doubling there? Now as I’m relistening to it I would rather say that thirds are added to the 4/4 pattern in the chorus :thinking: Whatever it is, what I want to say is that even if we are beginners we are able to feel different kinds of dynamics without being able to reproduce what we ear… once more Mindful listening… But I also agree with what has been said, metronome to have that beat really steady is crucial…

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Hi Silvia,
Thanks for bringing Vasco Rossi back into my attention, :sunglasses:…there are some CDs above,…or i must wait until my monitor boxes arrive and I can listen to Tidel or you-tube properly,…
Have fun with your metronome :smile:

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Hey Rogier…olè olè olè…Vasco Vasco :love_you_gesture::guitar::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::love_you_gesture: I would go for some live on YouTube, but make sure the neibourghs are not around :joy::innocent::wink: HE is my fave Rocker ever :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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:joy: :rofl:
I have a live double CD from about 32 years ago…with Vita spericolata …my absolute favorite Italian song (but also because of the memories),…at a beach party with 45 Italians and 2 Dutchmen this cd came from an audi A something with a great sound system,…and I totally fell in love,… singing along there sitting next to the girl who unfortunately did not felt the same,…but we were happy friends for years,…But such music on you-tube has to wait until I have my speakers…my previous neighbors when we lived 7.5 years ago also know this song very well, :see_no_evil:

And be a little back to topic,…you’re going to scream louder and louder with this song :joy:

I will send my wife to the attic for the CD later or later this week, :blush: or Thomann has to be earlier with the monitor boxes…

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All. The. Time. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Oh dear, that just sent me down an Italian rabbit hole, and I’m wondering whether my arthritic hip would allow me to do an Adriano Celentano at the open mic next week? :thinking: :laughing:


in conjunction with the beginning of the video…PROEST… :rofl: :joy: :rofl:…enough laughter for today :sunglasses:…
Good evening for everyone :grin:

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Thanks for the replies everybody, seems like it’s a common enough problem :smiley:

Agree that playing with a metronome/backing track is a good way to correct it. If it hadn’t been for those things, I probably wouldn’t have even realised I was making that mistake.

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