Strumming Mechanics

Let’s go over some of the fundamentals of strumming. They are important to build a solid foundation!

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Best lesson so far and applicable to players of all skill sets.

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Glad you found it so useful @SmokeJS
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When I strum on the electric guitar should I strum in between the pick ups or is it okay to strum and pick on top of them? I’m using the Ibanez grgr131ex and noticed that I usually play on top of the pick ups closest to the fret board.

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Hello @SaulU and welcome to the Community.
There is no ‘should’ here.
Moving the position where you pick will alter the sound.
Strumming very close to the bridge will make the sound brighter, more trebly.
Strumming closer to the neck will make the sound less bright.
The only thing to watch for if you strum vigorously, if your pick is too proud of your fingers, or if your angle is steep, strumming over the pickups may cause you to occasionally hit them and get the pick snagged as it passes.

Hope that helps.
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Great tip on pick angle!

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angling the pick with the thumb is by far the best thing I have heard in a while. I have been learning with another program and just started here. Angling the pick makes both picking notes and strumming easier and better sounding. great tip!


John @drake_equation

Firstly Welcome to the community
Angling the pick works for me as well
Michael :guitar::notes:

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Can you demonstrate beginner strumming techniques without using a pick? Both down and up strokes. Thanks!

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Have you checked out this lesson How To Strum Without A Pick |


@AndyBringhurst Welcome to the forum Andy.

Dipping my toe into the module 2 material… really focusing on this lesson this week! Adjusting my pick angle, rather than strumming it flat against the strings like I was, definitely makes each string ring out more clearly. (Installing a new set of strings helped too… I’ve had the factory set on my nicer Stratocaster this whole time!) I also dialed it back to a .60 pick from a .73 pick, and I’m definitely able to feel the strings much better. That was difficult with the thicker pick.