Strumming Pattern & Lesson & Song App usage

I’ve been using the Justin Guitar Lesson & Song App and have a question regarding the recommended strumming patterns for songs. For example the pattern recommended in the app for song “Every Little Thing” (Carley Pearce) is V V ^ V V V ^ V V V or DDUDDDUDDD, is this strumming pattern intended to play all in one bar, or does it play across two bars? There are a number of songs where I have similar questions.

Thank You All,

Hi Alfred,
I’m not familiar with this song but checked it out in the app & see this:

So, I think that the upstroke in the suggested strumming pattern is a “push” to the chord change. The change from F to C is happening on the “and” between beats 2 & 3. This makes me think that the answer to your question is that the pattern is for 2 bars. The app is great for playing along with but not necessarily for understanding the structure of the song.

As a relatively new Justin app user though, I would add a caveat that there’s a pretty good chance that I’m possibly missing something here!
Good luck with your song!


Thank you CATMAN62 for responding so timely… I appreciate you taking the time to consider my question and to research an answer. I’m tending to agree with you that the strumming pattern is across two bars and not one.