Strumming patterns

I am on module 7 beginner grade 1 . I know all my chords well but when I play donor don’t know what the strumming pattern is for that song. I end up strumming what I think the pattern is but it doesn’t sound like the song… I have a hard time hearing the pattern. What does everyone else do at this stage so I can move on?
Thank you

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Whenever I don’t know a strumming pattern for a song (i.e., can’t find a tutorial on youtube or there are no strumming pattern on sites like ultimate-guitar), I look up the time signature of the song and make-up my own. Usually, I go with DDDDU, but sometimes it could be D-DUDU-D-DUDU or DdddD (big down-strum followed by three small downstrums (only a couple of strings ringing) followed by big downstrum).

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Thank you for responding. I think I just go with the music but I have a hard time concentrating on the chords and a consistent strumming pattern. I will work on it.

Do you use this technique of muting your strings and trying to strum along with the original recording of the song?
The lesson is on a specific strumming pattern but you can use this technique to figure out patterns to songs by using your ears to match the song.

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Thank you… I do practice strumming a lot but I’m never sure it’s the right pattern for the song. I guess it takes more practice on my part.

People put to much emphasis on strumming patterns and not enough on timing. Being comfortable playing a song in time is more important than having the strumming pattern down.
yes you need to be some what close but the Timing and dynamics or groove is more important.

You’ll be coming up to the lesson on Dynamics shorty. It’s in module 7, it should really help you .


If you’re playing songs in the Justin Guitar App, when the song starts, hit pause and there’s an icon in the top right hand corner that displays the strumming pattern.

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Ok thanks

Wow! I didn’t know that all this time I’ve been playing these songs. Thanks so much


I just realized this today as well. Not sure how that was missed. I assumed to just strum when the chord first comes up.